Virginia 2008
July 9, 2008

(watch the video for this trip here)


Virginia 2008. We went back east for my dad's 70th birthday, and it was a combination 4th of July, birthday party, and family reunion. We showed up early and left late to spend more time there, since it's a five hour plane ride. My mom had bought a bike for each of the grandkids at garage sales, which was so cool.



My mom had done such a great job putting together all kinds of stuff for the kids to play with. They had multiple kiddie pools, slides, ping-pong, and lots of bikes.



All the kids were riding bikes all weekend. Mia found this one just her size and we went for walks down the block with her and Amelie.



My mom also had all kinds of decorations for the kids.



This tricycle is actually Sue's, but Amelie claimed it as her own and Henry (Sue's 3-year old) was kind enough to let her use it. Leesburg has a 4th of July parade that you can walk in if you'd like, so they spent some time getting ready for it.



All set for the big parade on the 4th of July!



My mom has had this bunny for as long as I can remember.



This is Sue's little boy Sam. He's a great kid, and we had fun playing with him.



This toy was a lot of fun for Amelie, she could do it herself, but it was more fun with Sue helping.



I've been trying to get a drum kit for the kids for a long time, but Naomi keeps vetoing it. My mom had a little drum set, and I have to admit, Naomi might have a point.



My mom had gotten everybody gift bags, she really did a lot for everybody. The kids really enjoyed being there.



Mia and Amelie both got new dollies from Grandma.



Jordan, Joe's little girl, is really into horses, and my mom had a huge collection of toy horses.



You could let these balloons go and they would make a screaming noise and shoot all over the place.



Mia with balloons.



The 4th of July parade in Leesburg was pretty cool, and I especially like it because anybody could walk or ride in it.



Here we are, walking down the main street in Leesburg. Happy 4th of July!



After the parade was over we went blueberry picking. It was so awesome, I could eat as many as I wanted, and right off the bush.



We had fun picking blueberries and seeing who could pick the biggest one, who could pick the most, and so on. Amelie had a great time.



Mia was having fun, too, but she wasn't as interested in the actual picking part.



Almost asleep....



And, lights out. She's still hanging onto her bucket, though.



The blueberry picking place was beautiful. It was down a dirt road that reminded us a lot of Costa Rica.



For the fireworks, we all went down to Ida Lee park. They had a band and the kids were throwing glowing rings around. Joe took this picture. I took some fireworks pictures as well, but nothing as cool as this. The fireworks were nice, but the smoke got in the way a bit during the finale so you couldn't see half of them.



Saturday was grandpa's 70th birthday, so we all headed down to a farm to spend the day.



They had a lot of stuff for the kids to do, including feeding the animals.



Ducks, geese, and chickens.



This was the best train ride we ever went on, since it went fast and went off-road. After the train ride, Mia got out and hugged the lady driving it.



These were pedal go-karts, which we all had fun with. I was pushing Amelie's so she could drive it, which she did, right into a pole and bit her lip.



Don't go into the light! This is a tunnel slide that was pretty cool.



Amelie doing her best Tarzan impression.



After playing around for a while it was onto the party. Mia is all ready to go. She's holding these sugar-snap peas which she actually sat and ate, it was amazing, since they weren't cooked or anything. Just give peas a chance, I guess.



My dad, Dave, then Dino, Julie, and Dan. I didn't get much of a chance to talk to them, though, since the place was so big and we were chasing the kids around most of the time.



The entire group together for the party.



After the party, all the kids got shirts with their ages on them (and grandpa too, although you can't see his number), and we put them together for a quick photo. You can see Amelie wouldn't wear hers (she said it was scratchy), but she didn't mind holding it up for the photo.



We loosened up a bit on what we let the kids eat. Even though we're gluten-free, a home-made cookie is hard to pass up (the next day, though, man, what a disaster!)



Mia and Dave.



Amelie is getting her hair brushed with a doll brush. It worked surprisingly well.



We stuck around for a couple of days after everybody left to spend more time with grandma and grandpa.



The weather was really nice except for the last day we were there, which was pretty hot. But otherwise, it was right on.



We ended up staying inside and going to a mall that had a train ride and a carousel.



Thanks for checking out all these pictures. We ended up with over 1,000 pictures, so that's why there's so many here. Until next time, take care!



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