Costa Rica - The Osa Peninsula
December 3, 2007

(watch the video for this trip here)


We took a red-eye flight that was terrible, as all night flights are. We drove all the next day as well, to get to the other side of the country to the Osa Peninsula. Naomi had spent the last few months researching this trip, and it paid off. We got great deals on everything, airfare, car rental, and places to stay. And it was all wonderful, Naomi really did her homework.

This is the place we stayed at in the Osa, called Quinta Soņada. It was really nice, with solar power and hot water and this is the view of the beach from the bedroom.

You can click on the panorama images to see the full-size panorama. If you do, and scroll all the way over to the right, you'll see Amelie playing in their little fountain there.



When you turn around from looking at the beach, this is what you see. It's pretty neat, being all open, but the noise of the ocean is loud with no walls. There's mosquito nets over the beds.



This is what happens when your leg falls over the bed outside of the mosquito nets. Amelie got attacked by no-see-ums, but luckily the bites don't itch.



In the bedroom at Quinta Soņada.



The house in Quinta Soņada was so nice, we would recommend it to anybody. It's easy to get to the town from there and there's a lot to do in the Osa. Naomi's mom Mary and her brother Jacob are in the background here.



Playing in the sink is a favorite pastime of Mia's.



The caretakers at Quinta Soņada had a bunch of dogs around, including this scary black one. He was actually really nice, as were all the dogs we encountered, even the wild ones. That was good because Mia went nuts whenever she spotted one.



On the way to Quinta Soņada, we saw this abandoned helicopter on the side of the road.



The other thing we saw a lot of was scary bridges. Some without guard-rails, even. They held up, but you always wondered before you crossed if it would be a mistake to cross or not. Here's some guys working on one of the sturdier bridges.



The reason we wanted to stay in the Osa was twofold: it's right across from Zancudo where Naomi's parents house is, and it's filled with wildlife. Just driving down the road, we saw a whole bunch of scarlet mccaws sitting in a tree directly over the road.



The amount of wildlife we saw in the Osa was awesome. This is a spider monkey, but we also saw howler and capuchin monkeys.



Not to mention pigs on the beach. We took a walk down to the beach and this friendly pig came over and let us pet him. That's probably the most bizarre thing that happened to us in Costa Rica.



There was a Cayman crocodile lagoon at one of the resorts. These crocodiles are pretty tame. In fact, you can tell a Cayman because it will run away from you if you go up to it.



Which is exactly what Jacob felt he should do. I didn't really want to test that theory out.



We found coconuts laying around on the beach, and Jacob managed to get one open. It was pretty good, actually.



One of the things Amelie was really looking forward to was riding horses. We had told her we were going to do that, so we've been hearing about it for a while now, and even afterwards, the rest of the trip she was talking about her horse. That's Dilver leading Amelie's horse along.



She was having a great time on the horse. She kept patting him, it was pretty cute.



There were quite a few streams to cross, and that was pretty fun on horseback.



Mia was in the sling, and was a bit uninterested at first, but once we got underway she started enjoying herself and the horse.



The rest of us crossing the stream.



We took a little break before we turned around, and came back up the beach on the horses.



Naomi on the beach in the Osa.



Mia had a great time, it was nice to be outside the whole trip.



And in the streams. She was naked pretty much the whole time we were down there, the weather was perfect for it, hot and humid.



There were a lot of horses and cows everywhere.



Around the cows would be white birds that would eat the insects that the cows kicked up as they walked around the field, but this is a hawk sitting on a cow. I'm not sure how that works.



We stopped the car to see this horse, just hanging out on the side of the road by himself eating grass.



When we were all done with the Osa, we moved on to Zancudo.


On to Zancudo!

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