Video Vault

January 22, 2012: The funniest rendition of the ABC song I've ever heard (or seen).

September 10, 2011: Check out the hoola-hooping action at the Equinox Folk Festival with the music of the Masanga Marimba band.

May 2, 2010: A short video of our May Fair celebration.

May 24, 2009: A short video of Mia's 3rd birthday.

May 22, 2009: We caught Desmond Danger on video saying "dog" at only 2-months old! Check it out! He notices our dog going by (you can hear his claws clicking on the wood floor) and says "dog" and then tracks the dog as he crosses the room. It's crazy!

March 1, 2009: A short video of Amelie's 5th birthday.

February 4, 2009: Our home-schooling field trip to SeaWorld.

January 3, 2009: Amelie's 3rd horse lesson, at almost 5-years old.

July 10, 2008: Our 2008 trip to Virginia for my dad's 70th birthday, 4th of July, and a family reunion.

December 3, 2007: Our trip to Costa Rica was a lot of fun. Check out the video to see what the monkees were up to.

July 26, 2007: For our second video, Naomi took a bit of video of Amelie at her swimming lesson at the City Gym in Huntington Beach, California.

June 27, 2007: Here's our first video, shot by Dave with the Canon TX1 HD camera.


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