Mazatlan, Mexico
April 20, 2005



Robbie's dad owns the hotel, the Hotel Playa Mazatlan, so we got a really good rate at the best hotel in town.



The pool was awesome, a big salt-water pool they kept very warm. We took advantage of it pretty much every day.



We put Amelie in the pink UV protection suit that we bought in Maui.



She is a total water baby, and she especially likes sitting on Naomi's back while Naomi swims. Every time we walked by the pool Amelie was pointing and shouting to get back in the pool.



The hotel had this little pool off to the side. It was entirely heated by the sun, and it got hot like a bathtub. It was pretty shallow and was like a big jacuzzi you could relax in before going inside.



The water would come almost all the way up to the hotel, and it was cold, but not too bad. It was easy to jump in and play. Huntington Beach has a lot colder water.



There were all kinds of vendors trying to sell stuff on the beach, but they're not having much luck with Amelie here. The problem was, if you expressed an interest in what they were selling, all the other ones would descend on you like vultures. It was a little depressing.



Amelie would sit for a long time doing the same thing, picking up sand and then throwing it behind her. You can kinda see the sand on her shoulders from this. She was pretty good about not eating the sand, which was cool because that's just nasty.



This is the view of the hotel from the beach.



Our room was right off the beach, through this narrow hallway. The hotel was really a great hotel. We would see them sweeping and moping the same floor many times throughout the day. Robbie's grandmother was the one that really turned the hotel into what it is today.



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