Two Weeks In Maui
October 14, 2004



We showed up in Maui for the Red Bull King of the Air kite surfing contest. On Saturday, they had the finals for the contest. There were several camera crews there recording the event for various shows (and a helicopter). The pros were awesome, and we had a great time watching it.


Some people, though, enjoyed it more than others.



We gave the camera to Noah, and this is what he came back with.



Naomi was a great tour guide. We found a lot of unusual things to do in Maui (like seeing these petroglyphs here), and during the entire two weeks we only spent money for an activity once (at the Maui Ocean Center).



There was a cool spot called 'Dragon's Teeth'. It was in the middle of the Four Season's golf course, though. Hawaii is cool like that, there's all these protected spots that the Man can't touch.



While we were checking out Dragon's Teeth, we peered over the side to see a couple of turtles playing in the water. We saw turtles a few times while we were out snokeling, actually. It's always fun when you get to see them, especially under water.



We drove along the coast of Maui, and let me say, Hawaii is paradise. It's just so awesome to go there and relax, I can't recommend it enough.



We went to Hawaii with Naomi's parents and her two youngest siblings, Noah and Hannah.



And of course there's us! The water was pretty warm, so it was effortless to just jump in whenever we wanted to.



We did the road to Hana over two days. The first day we just did Twin Falls, basically. They had a stand out in the parking lot where you could get fresh cane juice, and that was pretty cool. Wish I had a sun shade for this picture, though. Ken, Hannah and Mary are there under the waterfall.



Noah had this thing where he would jump off of any ledge he could find.


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