Mazatlan, Mexico (page 2)
April 20, 2005


We found a great cafe very close to the hotel called Pura Vida. That's the Costa Rican slogan, btw. They had salads and smoothies, so it was no problem to stay raw (when you wanted to).



Now's the time when I talk about how insane the reaction to Amelie was. It got to be silly. The Mexicans would go a bit nuts over Amelie, not just holding her and taking her in the back and passing her around, but taking pictures of her and then not wanting to pass her to their friends, hogging her. On the way to a timeshare demonstration ($260, cha-ching!) the guy taking us there took a picture of Amelie with his cell phone camera, and we look over and there's a guy in the taxi next to us (as we're driving) taking a picture of her with his cell phone camera. It was just bizarre. The worst part was the Pura Vida girls here fed Amelie a french fry. That was pretty tragic, but she only had a bite or two before we got it away from her. Such a bummer.



To get ready for the wedding, I got a hair-cut at the local place right there in front of the hotel. It came out pretty funny looking, all poofy. Cami was telling me they used a ton of hair-spray on the bridesmaids, giving them a solid helmet of hair as their look. Samantha said that the lady who owned the salon was pretty good about not doing that, but the other stylists there went a bit nuts.



Amelie and Naomi were having fun before the wedding, playing around waiting for it to start.



The wedding ceremony took place on the top of the dining area.



We got there a bit early, but the place started filling up fast.



Before the ceremony, we took some pictures of the groomsmen on the beach.



The ceremony was done by Robbie's brother. He actually got ordained in order to provide this service, but in fact they had already been legally wed a month before so that they could deal with the paperwork of buying their condo and moving to Mexico without any trouble. I thought that was kinda cool, because that's what Naomi and I did. It was very difficult to get a picture of the ceremony, since I had to hold the camera above my head, put the flash on full blast, and just hope I got a decent picture. I took about ten and this was the only one that turned out okay.



The sunset was perfect for their ceremony. It was a beautiful day.



After the ceremony, walking back into the hotel. Carol's mom is there in the pink. She's looking great, as is Carol and Bill.


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