Two Weeks In Maui (page 2)
October 14, 2004


There was a church built in 1853 along the road that we stopped to see. It was really cool, but it was closed so we couldn't go inside.



We took a hike up to a cool look-out overlooking the ocean.



Naomi and Amelie at that same look-out.



We bought this pink suit for Amelie that keeps her from getting sunburned. Slap a big floppy hat on her and she's ready to go. She is a total water baby. Every time she saw the water she would start panting and strain to get closer to it.



We found we could cut our food budget quite a bit by feeding Amelie sand.



Naomi steered us to a lot of nice beaches to enjoy, and here I am helping Amelie avoid the dreaded, "sand in the crack".



There was a guy making baskets out of palm fronds, they were pretty cool (but we still didn't buy one).



We did the road to Hana, of course, everybody does. Here we are at the Seven Sacred Pools, at say, oh, 4:30pm. It turns out we still had about two hours left to go on the road, and we ended up driving that mostly in the dark, trying hard to avoid hitting a cow.



Along the road to Hana there are just incredible vistas.



There's also incredible beaches. The water was really clear at this beach.


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