Two Weeks In Maui (page 3)
October 14, 2004


Amelie started reaching for whatever we are eating last month, and since we eat a lot of salads, she ends up gnawing on romaine lettuce. It's pretty cool to see how much she enjoys it.



We stopped by to check out the $20 million Maui Ocean Center. It was really cool.



There was a neat turtle tank, and they went out of their way to let you know the turtles were not taken from the wild, but were raised from eggs from turtles that were already in captivity.



Here's a close-up of one of the turtles.



They had an amazing reef tank that you basically walk through.



They had a lot of sharks, with a notice, "They only occasionally eat the other fishes".



The sting-rays were cool, and I didn't realize this but from underneath they look like they have a face. Naomi is in the tunnel they had going through the middle of their giant reef tank.


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