Costa Rica - Zancudo
December 3, 2007


This is Mary and Ken's house in Zancudo. Zancudo is located right across from the Osa, so if you take a boat, it's 45-minutes. But if you drive, you have to drive all the way around the peninsula, so it takes five hours. Plus, the road to Zancudo becomes brutal at a certain point, and you just crawl along trying to avoid giant pot-holes in the dirt road.



Inside Mary and Ken's bedroom. It's a really nice house on a huge lot about 100-yards from the beach.



Ken had been taking lessons from their neighbors on how to shave a coconut. He's sitting on a board with a metal tab sticking out that you rub the inside of the coconut against to shave the meat out.



The first thing you need to do before going out on the beach is....put on your princess shoes, of course!



This is the beach at Zancudo. A couple of days Naomi and Jacob went surfing, and the waves were pretty decent.



You would see these wiggly lines all over the sand, and it turns out it's a little sea creature making them. A girl there showed us how you can dig them up to see them (inset).



Amelie on the beach in Zancudo.



Jeff and Mia on the beach in Zancudo.



There was a grasshopper up on the kitchen window screen, which Amelie named Katie and made her pet. She had no problem holding it and playing with it. She's only covering her eyes because I asked her if I could take her picture and she's playing around.



Mia found a wooden swan at a cafe in Zancudo that she had fun riding on while we ate lunch.



We had lunch at a really nice (but expensive) restaurant that was part of an ecological preserve. Here's some Baruca indian masks on the wall behind Ken.



Mia says don't go anywhere, we've still got Hacienda Baru to get through.


On to Hacienda Baru!


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