Amelie at 5 years, Mia at 3 years, Desmond at 6-months
September 28, 2009
Amelie had the first day of school at the beginning of September, but it was not to last. We had signed her up for Journey School in Aliso Viejo and she was excited to go. After the first day, though, she declared the inside time to be boring, the outside time to be fun, but everybody agreed the drive down to Aliso Viejo was difficult. After a week when each day was a battle, we gave up, and are more excited to home school the kids than ever before.



Looking for lizards with Gabriel at Journey School. I felt bad for Gabriel because, like Amelie, he too would prefer not to go to kindergarten, but he had to stick it out.



Desmond is the best car seat baby we've ever seen. We've driven up to Lake Tahoe and to Phoenix and he never complains. He took the drive down to Aliso Viejo without a hitch.



Our above-ground pool has been great for the summer. We're working on hooking it up to a solar heater so we can use it for the winter months as well. This image is a collage of two images I had, one with Mia in focus and one with Amelie and Ava and Desmond in focus. What do you think? Did I get away with it?



Mia is a real nature buff, and she's always catching crickets or japanese beetles and putting them into her bug house. Here she has a giant caterpillar.



Naomi got a book on face painting and is having fun learning how to do it with the kids. She seems to have a knack for it, though.



Amelie is getting older and more interested in learning stuff, so we're getting workbooks on handwriting and math that we're going through with her. Also, she's started asking us to point out words when we read to her, which is a first.



My dad came out for a week for a visit, and came bearing gifts!



I had never seen a Where's Waldo book before, but it was actually pretty cool. Of course Desmond is trying to figure out how to get the entire book into his mouth.



Desmond's tongue is making an appearance in quite a few photos these days.



There's that tongue again. Amelie had a great time playing with Nonno.



The Irvine Regional Park started their Halloween activities and we went on the first day, running into Carmela and Tia and Zack by coincidence.



They have a great (for kids) haunted house that the girls would go into over and over again.



I'm not sure what the girls will be for Halloween, but I think they're leaning towards zombie princess.



Mia, still climbing trees.



We did a home-school field trip to Oak Glenn, to a farm where they teach you how to build a log cabin (like this one) and how to make apple juice and start a fire and other pioneer-type activities.



They had raspberry bushes (with lots of bees!) that you could pick.



Of course, you get to eat a few as you go along.



The girls got to throw the apples into a hand-cranked apple crusher that was used to juice apples.



Desmond continues to be the happiest baby we've ever seen, he's just a joy to hang out with. Strangers love him because he's always smiling at them.



I love this photo of Desmond and Naomi's dad. Again, the tongue.



And now for the accidents of the month. Mia was jumping on the bed and fell off, just like the monkey in the rhyme. She landed on her elbow and was still not using her right arm the next day, so we got her arm x-rayed, which is super-cool. It turns out her arm was fine, and the next day she was using it like nothing ever happened. Here's her wrist x-rays. It's just so amazing to be able to see your bones.



During Amelie's brief stint at kindergarten, one of the things they did was have the kids cut apples with knifes. Now, she's knife crazy, with the occasional mishap. Mostly though, she does okay.



Well, that's it for this month. Until next month, stay fat and happy!



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