Amelie at 4-1/2 years, Mia at 2 years, 3 months old
September 9, 2008


Mia and Amelie love climbing our fig tree, and here's Amelie demonstrating the proper way to hang from a branch. Unfortunately, Mia was only a foot off the ground but hit her forehead on a little strip of concrete running around the edge of the yard.



The lovely before forehead.



And after, with five stitches on top and three underneath.



A few weeks later, though, it didn't look too bad and is mostly covered up by her hair. All-in-all, it gives her some character.



Of course, eight stitches isn't enough to keep her from going back. She's still climbing the fig tree with Amelie, which is cool. I'm glad she didn't get afraid of climbing.



Amelie showing off some pink eye-shadow.



We visited the OC Fair for 2008, and they had this really cool sand sculpture at the entrance. The bunny moves in and out of the lens.



Mia got to ride a pony this year, along with Amelie, and she was loving it.



Our next-door neighbor has a couple of chickens, so Amelie had some practice holding them.



They actually had a bumper-cars for kids ride, and it was awesome. Hardly any of the kids knew what they were doing. Here, Amelie, who clearly does not know what she is doing, is explaining the mysteries of the bumper car to Mia.



Mia is revved up and read to roll!



Right into a gigantic traffic jam. It was awesome.



They had all kinds of cool craft booths for us to pick up stuff for Amelie and Mia. We bought bags of rocks for them, which they really enjoyed.



That's it for this year's fair. We'll be back again next year.



Dave came out to visit, and ended up redecorating our living room for us. He did a good job.



Amelie showing Mia some love. You can see parts of the carpet Dave bought, and the matching curtains in the background. If satellite imagery doesn't pan out, he's got a future in home decor.



Jacob also came down to visit us and play a little frisbee golf.



Mia showing off a little pink eye-shadow.



Please choose one from column A and two from column B. A little known fact is that Amelie is the third most dangerous woman in the world with chopsticks. It's true.



One last longing picture of the forehead. Until next time, watch out for those fig trees!



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