Amelie at 5 years, Mia at 3 years, Desmond at 2-months
May 27, 2009
My Dad came out to stay with us for a few days, and Desmond and him got along just fine.



The girls really enjoyed Nonno's visit as well. My mom will be coming out in a few weeks, and we're looking forward to her visit.



Mia is demonstrating the wonders of static electricity. To see a video of Mia's 3-bday, click here!



The girls are painting tiger stripes on themselves, but with dry-erase markers. You'd think dry-erase markers would be easy to wipe off of your skin, but no. It stains the skin and takes forever to go away.



There's nothing like warm laundry.



Amelie hurt her leg, so she made a tourniquet out of a leaf and some tape.



If only they got along this well all the time! Actually, they're fantastic sisters, and Amelie is very protective of Mia.



Here I am getting some love as well.



We did a home-school trip to the San Diego Wild Animal Park in San Diego. Just like we did when we went to Sea World, we rented a hotel room down in San Diego close to the park. This time we stayed at a Doubletree Hotel. Did you know they give you a chocolate-chip cookie when you check in, all warm and gooey? Well, even though we're gluten-free, come on, you can't say no to that. We felt totally ill afterwards, but I think it was worth it.



Flamingoes are very noisy. That's about what I learned at the Wild Animal Park.



Amelie and Mia had fun at the park, but I think Sea World had more stuff to do, with the shows and all.



The brass rhinoceros was fun to climb on, and they also had a carousel with different animals you could ride.



The highlight of the trip was stopping by at Queen Califia's Magic Circle Garden, right by the Wild Animal Park. It was amazing, and I encourage everybody to check it out when they're in the area.



They had a bunch of totems and a giant snake around the outside. It was amazing.



So many places to explore.



There's also a golden egg in the middle.



Desmond just keeps getting bigger, and to see just how big, check out the video of Desmond saying "dog" at only 2-months old! Don't believe us, check it out! And until next month, take care!



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