Amelie at almost 5 years, Mia at 2-1/2 years old
January 21, 2009


The girls are getting older, and now with Amelie we are starting to have a lot of fun signing up for and going to classes with her.



The horse lessons are a lot of fun for her, but it's tough for Mia sitting on the sidelines.



We posted a video of Amelie riding the horse here.



We finally got some rain, and Amelie and Mia had a blast using their umbrellas.



We drove a long ways to get to this deli on a wharf that supposedly had good potato salad. It wasn't that good, though, so we just enjoyed walking around.



Hanging out with Amelie.



Sunset with Mia, trying to keep her warm.



Once the weather got better, it was time for a picnic in the backyard. Mia seems to be done with her naked stage, and now she's changing her clothes all day long.



Mia has gotten into hats lately. This is her favorite outfit, btw. She's playing with an iPhone, there. Even though they can't read yet, they're way better at using the iPhone than I am. It's cool to watch.



Naomi is getting close to the due date for the new baby, around March 8 is our best guess. Things have been going great, so far.



Amelie is explaining the intricacies of the LeapBook to Mia. Ed got them this as a Christmas gift, it's pretty neat. Amelie has been doing math with an abacus, as well. It's so cool to have her older where you can explain more stuff to her, like math.



We recently started drinking 2oz of wheatgrass every morning, and we're trying to get the kids involved with that as well. If you've every drank grass before, you're probably saying, "good luck!" Mia, though, has been drinking a few drops worth in a shot glass, which is a start. Amelie, not so much.



This was taken at Thanksgiving at Naomi's parent's house. Until next time, take care!



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