Mia at 14 Months, Amelie at 3-years 5-months
August 1, 2007


Amelie has been taking six weeks of swimming lessons this summer, and she's been having a great time. She wouldn't jump off the box on the left at the time we took the pic, but she's since gotten used to it. They yell, 'chop, chop, timber!', and then you jump. We posted a video of Amelie swimming here.



When Amelie goes to the pool, Mia loves to sit on the steps and put her feet in the water.



We picked up a dog at the Huntington Beach Humane Society shelter, and let Amelie name him. She came up with 'Whitey', which is nice. He's a 7-year old cockapoo, and he's house-trained already and super-friendly. We take him for walks every day, and he just follows us wherever we go. He's a sweet dog, and we were happy to get a dog since Amelie had been bugging us forever for one.



Ed stopped by on his way to India for a month, and once again he took pictures that make mine look like crap.



Another Ed pic, he makes Mia look like a model.



Naomi and Mia hanging out on the couch.



We went to the OC Fair last week, again, and the pony ride was our first stop.



More kids rides for Amelie. Mia was none too chufted that she couldn't go on them, though.



They had a cool sand-pit at the fair that a bunch of kids were playing in. Fortunately, Mia has out-grown her eating sand phase.



The petting zoo is always a big hit with Amelie. Mia was a bit too afraid of the animals, which is sometimes good (see the next pic).



This little guy came over and started to eat Amelie's shirt. We didn't notice at first, but he didn't do any real damage.



Admittedly, I look kinda stupid in this hat, but it was a very hot day and it was nice to keep shaded. Plus, the hat's a Tilley.



I was trying to get a nice picture of the kids in front of this old water spout at the fair, and this was the best I could do. If only Ed were here to help!



While I was taking pictures, a clown at the entrance of the fair came over and blew bubbles to get them excited, and I thought that was kinda nice.

Until next time, have fun!



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