April 8, 2007


It was really great to have my dad in town for Easter, and Dave and his family drove out from Scottsdale for the weekend as well. But, the first stop has to be Pollys for the tuna melt.



Mia was winning people over quick. She's a really enjoyable baby to be around, always happy even when she's tired or hungry.



Mia was really happy to see Nonna after so long.



Mia was shocked at the paparazzi camped out on her lawn.



They did whatever it took to get the shot.



Mia looking up at all the adults.



Amelie, Nick and Tyler, from left to right.



Amelie is still enjoying nature in all kinds of ways. Here she is looking for snails. Sometimes she'll give a little scream and I'll think something's wrong, but it's just a rolly-polly on the ground or some other creature.



We put a hat on Mia and went off to Boomers to have some fun. Actually, the hat stayed on Mia for about two seconds before she pulled it off to look at it.



Mia was contemplating going into the play area, let's see if she does.



She's in there and loving it.



Amelie had a great time this Easter, we dyed eggs and them smashed them a bit trying to fit them into the basket, but no worries.



Here's a couple of family portraits, but Amelie is sneaking into this one and striking a pose.



Happy Easter everybody!



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