Virginia 2006
October 17, 2006


We took a trip back to Virginia to introduce Mia to my parents and to attend a boat show in Annapolis. Mia was a little angel on the plane and Amelie got to watch TV for the first time on the airplane.



We went to a park on a bit of a chill day, so Mia got bundled up and kept Grandma warm.



Sue had a three-week old baby Sam that we got to see, and he is doing great.



Sue's first boy, Henry, had fun playing with Amelie. He's about two-years old.



We went to the falls in Great Falls, Virginia. It was a very cool park that we walked through.



Amelie at the falls.



You can scroll over to see this picture in it's entirety. I started using a program called AutoStitch to
put panorama's together because it's just insanely easy to do. So, that's why you'll be seeing more
panorama's from now on.



Amelie continues to climb on anything she can. She's got a great sense of balance and it's neat to watch her use her feet. I love it that she's barefoot all the time, it's so nice.



Amelie saw a girl posing like this for a picture and had to take her turn.



The boat show was a lot of fun. We went there to see the Maine Cat 41 foot catamaran. We climbed all over the other catamarans there and ended up finding the Maine Cat to be the most comfortable and well designed boat of them all. The problem is that all the other catamarans were designed for the rental market, which is all about 'beds and baths', to quote the designer of the Maine Cat, Dick Vermeulen. So, they'd have two bathrooms within feet of each other, and a bed in each end of the hulls. On the other hand, the Maine Cat put two beds in the middle of each hull to reduce rocking.



This is a nice panorama of the Maine Cat 41 cabin. The wheel is in the middle and totally enclosed to keep you out of the weather.
It's just a sweet boat. It's also $400k, so I don't think we'll be picking one up anytime soon, but it's a nice dream boat.



There's mesh in between the two hulls at the front of the catamaran, and Amelie and I had fun using it as a trampoline.



Catamarans are really wide (23 feet), so it's hard to park it in the harbor. With the solar array on the boat, you never have to plug into dock power, which is really cool. Only one other catamaran had solar, and it was a 48-foot boat that cost $1.7 million. That's Dick, the designer, at the left of the picture.



We signed up to take the boat out on a test cruise in the harbor and we all got to steer it. It was very stable and easy to steer.



Naomi had no problem steering with the baby Mia in tow.



This boat is so easy to steer, even Amelie gets a turn.



Inside the boat it's not too crowded at all. Some catamarans were so narrow that we could barely walk through the hull.



After the boat show we went back to Virginia to continue visiting with my parents. My Mom had a birthday October 9, so Amelie got into the spirit of it. Her expression does seem to be saying, "this is not cake!"



My mom took us for a country back-road tour, and it was pretty neat. There's a lot of cool scenery, including this barn.



My mom had a ton of toys for Amelie to play with, collected at garage and rummage sales for all the grandkids she gets through there.



I love the cat stickers all over her dress.



Amelie is hilarious when she tries to kick the ball. It's effective, if unconventional.



Until next time, we'll see you out on the ocean!




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