Amelie at 9 years, Mia at 7 years, Desmond at 4 years, Miles at 2 years
September 3, 2013


In July we went to Grace-Ellen's birthday party, which was a lot of fun. The drawing station was a hit.



As you might imagine, Miles was obsessed with the balloons.



Eventually we had to tie the balloon to him because he really enjoyed letting them go.



The limbo was exciting, Amelie and Mia did great.



The piņata was youngest to oldest, so Miles got to go first. He did not make much of an impact. Monica's house borders parking spaces for a complex next door, and somebody threw something over the wall into her yard, and somebody at the party called the cops to complain. It was the first seven year-olds birthday party I've ever been to that had the cops show up.



We attended the Elements Gathering in Brea and on the way to the campground was a Boy Scout's physical fitness test. It was a lot of fun.



Teamwork is the key to getting through the obstacle course.



Mia spotted this tarantula walking along the ground. She has very little fear of nature, it's nice to see. She picks up all kinds of things, but not this tarantula.



This is a class on tracking that was the highlight. We had planned on camping, but the location in Brea was not an actual campground, just a bunch of wilderness open space. It was hot with no shade and no camping facilities (like showers, toilers, etc), and when we pulled over to pitch our tent, we accidentally stepped on a wasp's nest in the ground and Naomi and I got stung. After that, we drove in each day.



Amelie found a dead tarantula at Elements so she took it home and decided to disect it. It was totally gross, and I won't offend anyone with any further pictures. It was pretty gross.



The HSC (Homeschoolers of California) conference was in August so we headed up to Sacramento for another three-day adventure in homeschooling. The kids can buy a bunch of different badges to stick underneath their pass, these are the ones Mia chose.



The water play area is a favorite every year, Miles was loving it.



Miles got into one of those little kiddie cars and the plastic was all charged with static electricity making his hair stand on end.



Mia waited in line (twice!) for an hour to get her hair braided by a volunteer. The lady doing the braiding was amazing, she was braiding all day non-stop, it was incredible. She was really fast at it, too.



Desmond and I spent a lot of time in the building rooms they had set up. It inspired us to take out our marble construction kit when we got home.



The teen-agers set up a real-life Angry Birds catapult, and it was awesome.



When we sang Happy Birthday to Miles, for some reason he just took off to the bedroom. He seemed overwhelmed by it all, but just for a moment.



For Miles' second birthday, we went to Downtown Disney and walked around. They had a Lego store with the Incredible Hulk in it. The stuff they had in and around the store was amazing.



The Rainforest Cafe had a Macaw that you could pose next to.



Desmond took a time out for some ice-cream.



After Downtown Disney, we headed over to Zoomar's for some mining for rocks. It's always fun going there, even though we've been there before.



Miles is so cute in this picture next to the guinea pigs, you just want to pick him up and squeeze him.



Amelie was bummed the rabbits weren't out in the petting area, but according to the assistant there, they get bitey when the weather heats up.



Desmond is so funny, he was collecting only black guinea pigs.



The corn sand-box is a lot of fun to bury people in.



Amelie really loves being around horses, we're signing her up for lessons again.



I was happy we owned goats for a little while so that the kids were used to being around them.



Until next time, try to stay cool this month, it's getting hot!



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