Amelie at 7 years, Mia at 5 years, Desmond at 2 years, Miles at 2 weeks
September 9, 2011

Born on August 24, 2011, 9:04pm
Weight: 8lbs, 5oz
Delivered By: Naomi and her mom, Mary

The day started like any other, but by late afternoon it was clear this birth was happening! Naomi was at 3-minute contractions driving home from a friend's house.



Meanwhile, the girls were in a friend's chicken coop having fun.



Here's more gratuitous poultry shots for you. Our chickens haven't started laying eggs yet, but probably pretty soon.



After the contractions started getting bigger and closer, Naomi moved to the tub. Desmond, though, kept making waves, so Naomi switched to the toilet, where Miles The Merciful Lorenzini was born, around 9pm and weighing in at 8lbs 5oz. The labor wasn't bad, an afternoon of the contractions building and then about an hour of difficult contractions.

We we lucky enough to have Stephanie from Hager Photo with us to photograph the birth, so many of these photos were actually taken by her.



Catherine was the first one to hold the new baby, moments after we cut the cord.



Mary, Naomi's mom, was our midwife for the birth. Since Naomi was over the toilet and I was supporting Naomi, Mary stepped in to catch Miles as he came flying out. She did a great job and I'm very grateful we had her there to support us.



Once Mary was done checking out Miles, she gets to enjoy her new grandson.



Catherine, Ameile and Ava with Miles.



We had a lot of people coming by to visit with Miles, this is Amber.



Carolyn has four kids, and she seems to be doing all right. Four seems like a lot of work, though. This is Sequoia and McConaugh.



This is Carolyn's oldest daughter, Indigo.



Eileen has a Evie on the left and Paris on the right, visiting with Miles.



Of course our own little Mia wants her turn with Miles.



Amelie and Miles, a week after the birth.



About two weeks old here as well. He's a little cutie.



Two weeks old and he's already checking his Facebook page.



Spending time in the sun helps keep the jaundice away, so he's getting some quality time with Mia in the front yard.



Later the girls went out to play in the sprinklers.



Amelie taught herself to dog-paddle, which is a big relief for us. She can swim from one end of the pool to the other already.



Desmond doing his best to find sunken treasure.



Amelie at 7-1/2 years old.



It's fun to see how Mia is changing as she gets older. She's the middle child, and she's very much into sharing what she has to get Amelie and Desmond to give her what she wants. It's interesting to see how different each child is.



We bought this play set off Craigslist and replaced the rotting wood pieces with redwood and it's just so cool. The kids use it every day.



Until next week, be quiet or you'll wake the baby!



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