Amelie at 6 years, Mia at 4 years, Desmond at 18-months
October 18, 2010
We camped out for three days at the Millpond Music Festival in Bishop, CA. The music was great. It was hot during the day and cold at night, but it was still a lot of fun. We enjoyed the music and it seems like we're getting the camping stuff down, it was pretty comfortable.



The girls found frogs in the toilet tank (not the bowl) of a toilet in the girls bathroom. They decided to return them to the pond.



Mia is modeling her yellow-jacket sting here. Turns out yellow-jackets nest in the ground, who knew? There was a nest right next to the workshop tent and as Mia walked up to the tent, she got stung. I was already at the tent, so it was up to Naomi to brave the yellow-jackets and rescue Mia. Naomi took a stinger in the hand for her bravery. After that, we all paid better attention to where we were walking.



We've had a run of babies this month. Naomi's sister Sarah had identical twin girls. They're about a week old here, at about five pounds. Their names are Faith and Maya, but I don't really know which is which.



Next up, my sister Sue's new baby Jane. She's about twelve weeks old here, I think.



Dave and Tiffany and the kids came out to visit, this is their new baby Luke, who's about nine months old.



And finally, our own little girl, Desmond. Naomi put a pink dress on him, which he loved, by the way, and with that long curly blond hair, he looks like he'd make a pretty cute girl. He just looks like a boy to me, I can't help it.



Everybody took a trip to Disneyland, this is in line at the haunted mansion. Desmond is ready to go. Please note, Amelie is still wearing the same shirt she's been wearing since last Christmas. We have a few of them she rotates through, but still, change it up!



Riding the teacups at Disneyland.



It's a Small World at Disneyland. I think this is the only proper response to that ride.



The pets at our house have dwindled recently. Jack, the Rexx rabbit that was brother to Snoopy here, had to be put to sleep after getting a parasite in his brain that keeps his legs from hopping. Whitey is still going, though. We also had to put our rat Snowflake to sleep after she got a tumor.



Since it's back to school time, we had school pictures taken of Amelie and Mia (notice, same shirt). Stephanie Hager at Hager Photo was kind enough to do the pictures for the home-schoolers.



I thought the school photos came out great. Mia looks so mature in this one.



We went shopping for new school clothes for Amelie and Mia. Amelie is finally wearing something else! The shoes were ridiculously expensive and impossible to walk in, but try talking Amelie out of them.



Mia has been asking for shoes that light up for a while, so we finally bought her a pair. It's like a fireworks show wherever she goes. I took this picture in the complete dark, with both a four-second shutter speed and a flash. The flash goes off right away and lights up the scene, and then the shutter stays open for four more seconds while Mia moves her shoes around to create the streaks in the dark.



That's it for this month. Until next time, put some pants on!



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