Amelie at 7 years, Mia at 5 years, Desmond at 2 years, Miles at 2-1/2 months
November 14, 2011
Mia has great with Miles, calling him her little cutie.



We camped out for the Millpond Music Festival for the second time this year. It was better than last year. We had a bigger tent, warmer sleeping bags and thicker sleeping pads. Also, check out the trick cranking blender Naomi found! Most of these Millpond pictures are from Stephanie Hager, of Hager Photo.



Somebody brought this boat for people to use, so Gavin, Ava, and Amelie took it out for a spin.



Millpond is a great place to camp, and there were no hornets this year, which was nice. Last year both Mia and Naomi got stung, so they must have done some work to clear them out for this year's festival.



Mia swimming in the lake at Millpond.



Miles was great during the trip, he's just an amazing little guy. He was about a month-old when we went camping, but we didn't have any problems at all.



Desmond, on the other hand, was Desmond. He was running around the whole time, it was tough to keep up with him.



The kids found a snake at Millpond, and none of the kids were squeamish about holding the snake. The eventually let it continue on its way.



The Millpond lake at sunset. Melanie, another home-school parent on the camping trip with us, took this picture.



On the way back from Millpond, we stopped at Stephanie's house by Whitney Portal. This is Ava, Stephanie's daughter, and Amelie, playing with a water fountain that you can turn way up. This is one of Stephanie's photos, and I like it because it's so good, it just looks like it was taken by a pro.



Within a week of Millpond, Naomi got back into the car to drive up to Northern California to visit her sister, Hannah. It's really pretty up there with all the trees, but unfortunately the kids were down with a fever for a day while they were there.



At a beach near Hannah's.



Uncle Dave stopped by with the family on his way back from Lake Tahoe. This is Tyler, Nick, and little Luke.



Stephanie did school photos for the home-school families again, and she did a fantastic job, as usual. Amelie is about 7-1/2 here.



Mia's school photo at 5-1/2 years old.



Desmond is about 2-1/2 years old here. He refused to let Stephanie take his picture, but she managed to get in one sneak shot, which did make him mad, but luckily it came out great.



Miles is all set for Halloween. We ended up going with Miles The Brave, for his middle name. Stephanie took these Halloween pictures as well. This month's update would be pretty bare without her help.



Mia dressed up as a butterfly for Halloween.



Amelie was a vampire bride for Halloween. I like this picture because of how much Amelie looks like my cousin Sara, who is from Milan, Italy. I can't even recognize Amelie in this picture.



We burned a CD with party music for Amelie, but what's a party unless you have a disco ball and glow-sticks? So we bought a disco ball on ebay and a few hundred-packs of glow sticks and now we're ready to party in Amelie's room! The disco ball is actually way more fun than we thought, in case you are thinking of getting one (get an LED pin spot, too).



Mia has been bugging us to sign her up for ballet, so we did. She's pretty excited. The problem is, Desmond wants to go as well, so we signed him up for a toddler ballet class right before Mia's.



Meanwhile, Naomi is determined the kids should learn golf, so we bought some properly sized-clubs for them and hit the driving range. We all enjoy it, actually, and for a flat fee of $60/month you can hit all the balls you want at the range.



The surprising thing is Desmond. He's always the last man standing on the range, hitting all his golf balls and the girls, and he hits them pretty well for a two-year old. He watches the people around him and waits until they hit, then he hits. It's pretty neat seeing how patient he is, he hit for an hour and a half straight last time. Just insane.



We set up bubble wands in the front yard, bubbles are always a hit.



Until next month, stay happy!



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