Amelie at 4-1/2 years, Mia at 2-1/2 years old
November 14, 2008


Sorry we missed last month's update. We've been doing lots of fun stuff in the last couple of months, though. We went to a kids fair at the Orange County Fairgrounds, where Amelie got to pet this white mule.



There were a lot of animal activities at the fair, including riding a camel. The girls loved it.



Ponies, of course, a staple at any kid gathering.



Petting zoo, another kid fair constant.



And the rides, of course.



More rides.



We went to the Orange Coast College Book Fair as well. The lady doing the body-painting was excellent, I have to say, but Mia was too scared to get it done. After this, Amelie had her hair painted green.



Next was story-time at the book fair. This bunny was so friendly, we couldn't believe it. Our bunnies are not that into being held, although they do let you hold them.



We took a train with a homeschooling group down to San Diego, and it was a lot of fun. This is at the train station in Irvine.



The train car that we were on was just for the homeschoolers, and it was crazy. It was so noisy and kids were running everywhere, and then you'd go over to the other cars and it was dead silence.



Amelie and Mia had a great time riding the train, and playing with the other kids.



We ended up at the San Diego Museum of Natural History in Balboa Park. It was pretty cool.



A lot of exhibits, like this one, were kid friendly.



The ride back on the train.



Dave and Tiffany and Nick and Tyler came by to visit for a week. The boys found old costumes from Amelie and Mia and had fun dressing up.



I bought a marble construction set, which is super-cool. The girls are a little too young for it, but I just love it. It's awesome, so we built up a few different designs for Tyler and Nick to play with.



Halloween was a blast, and the girls wanted to be zombies, so zombies it is.



What do vegan zombies say? Graiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnssssssssss!!!!!!!!



The day after Halloween is the Day of the Dead, so we went to a couple of festivals. One was up in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Cemetary on Saturday night, and the other was this one at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana on Sunday. These guys were awesome, and the dances they did were hilarious in those costumes.



Amelie wanted to paint her face like a skeleton's, but once the face paint was on, she said it was too itchy and we washed it off. It stayed on for about as long as it took to snap this picture.



While Amelie was getting her face painted, Mia was running wild in the courtyard.



Right next door to the Bowers Museum is the Bowers Kids Museum, which I have to say, is really really well set up for kids. Everything in it you can pick up and play with.



Is this why we call Mia the "dragon lady"?



Amelie would look funny as a parrot, I think.



This was a really cool granite slab that you could rub the crayon over the etchings to make copies of them.



Another cool spot to make your own headdress.



They had a neat dress-up area too. I liked this picture because it clearly shows the difference between myself, a rank amatuer photographer, and real photographer. A real photographer would have said, "hey, move that green string!". I tried photoshopping it out, but the shadow on the string made it too difficult. When I was done it looked like Mia had been in a knife fight.



A cross-genre dress-up, this time, no string.



Naomi is taking a one-day-a-week mommy and me preschool class through Coastline College, and they had a field trip to the library in Orange. Amelie and Mia's first time on a school bus.



Amelie's hair getting blown about with the open windows.



Snacks on the bus (roasted seaweed). That's Gabriel, Amelie's friend, behind her.



Climbing around the fountain outside the library.



Well, that's it for this update. Sorry it was so long. We promise not to skip next month. Until then, try and stay fabulous!



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