Amelie at 12 years, Mia at 9 years, Desmond at 7 years, Miles at 4 years
May 8, 2016


It's been so long since the last update, we've changed seasons. During winter, not much happened, is why. But we did take a trip up north a bit to go sledding.



Unfortunately, we went to the sledding hill in the middle of the week when they were totally closed, good thing we brought our own sleds. They eventually kicked us off their hill, but were kind enough to wait an hour before they did.



Amelie saved up money for a couple of new toy poodle puppies, which she named Teddy and Luna. This one is Teddy. They are both super-cute.



This is Mia with Teddy as well.



Miles with Teddy.



Amelie visited a house on a street near ours that had a turkey and other animals. Man, turkeys sure are ugly.



They had ducklings, which are awesome, ducks, not so much.



Naomi took the kids to the skating rink, where Mia had fun doing the limbo bar.



We got into model rocketry for a while and had a great time. The kids had a contest over who could catch the rocket as it was coming down.



The wind caught one rocket and it landed just a couple of feet from the lake. The rockets are actually pretty cheap, (around $10), so it wouldn't have been a big loss. It's the rocket motors that are expensive.



Amelie turned 12 in March, one more year and she's a teenager, but she is still incredibly sweet. We had a great party for her and did Karaoke and had a photo booth in front of a green screen. We also put up a disco ball and had a dance floor, it was pretty cool.



Desmond also turned 7 in March. These kids are growing up too fast.



We went to Chucky Cheese for Desmond's birthday, he loves that place. Here's he's playing that terrible game where you put a coin in and it flips up into another pile of coins until the pile gets big enough and falls out into an opening. It's actually a total rip-off, but he loved playing it.



Amelie braided her hair for the special occasion.



We went to a pizza place for Desmond's birthday, along with his friend Braidon.



Easter was a lot of fun, they had two different Easter egg hunts, once for the neighborhood and once in the park near our house. This is the neighborhood one.



The neighborhood Easter egg hunt is nice, since all the families donate eggs so there's usually good stuff in there.



Mia after the hunt is done, and she's ready to dig through the eggs.



Sorting through all that booty.



Once the weather started to warm up, we started going to the park by our house again. Miles sure looks happy.



Climbing at the park.



We recently went through a round of hair cuts for all the kids. Here, it's Amelie's turn.



Next up, Miles! They cut too much hair and he didn't like it, though.



This is Miles before his hair cut.



This is Miles after his hair-cut.



This is Miles after his hair cut and thirty years later.



We celebrated May Faire this year by putting up flyers letting people in the neighborhood know about it. We didn't get that big of a turn-out, but it was still a lot of fun.



Amelie got a new dress just for the occasion, and set out a table for snacks.



The kids did bag races.



They also did a ring-toss.



We made raffia flower crowns for everybody, they came out great.



Mia with her flower crown.



Mia did this ridiculous dance to the May Faire music.



A close-up of the flowers on the May pole.



Miles hanging out with Teddy and Luna at May Faire.



Miles sleeping after a long day. Even though he's four, he's still taking naps.



We took a half-a-day to take a look at Emmett, and it was pretty rural, with 7-10 acre lots for all the houses. This is the Payette river.



Mia, looking good hanging out by the river.



Desmond found a fallen tree to climb.



The weather got warm enough so Desmond and Miles felt like cooling off in the lake at the park by our house.



Until next time, you're king of the tree!



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