Amelie at 8 years, Mia at 6 years, Desmond at 3 years, Miles at 8 months
May 10, 2012


We've been waiting a long time for kidding season to kick in so we could get a new baby goat. The original plan was to buy two baby goats, but then you have to wait one or two years and get them pregnant, then wait many more months for them to kid, and then you finally start getting goat milk from the momma goat, but you have to give most of the milk to the baby goats. So, instead of all that, we bought the momma goat and the baby goat together. The momma goat is named Bayberry, and the girls named the baby goat Buttercup.

The goats are pretty easy to care for so far, but the baby goat just wants to jump all over everything. Baby goats are pretty cute.



We also picked up two new Netherland dwarf rabbits off Craigslist. They're distinctive for their short ears and pushed in noses. Mia named hers Cloud.



Amelie named her rabbit Blackie. We already had a rabbit named Blackie, but she died recently, unfortunately.



When you introducing new rabbits, you have to do it little by little with a fence between them, since they're territorial. We're letting the rabbits spend part of each day in the yard until they get used to each other.



In Naomi's continuing quest to make golfers of the kids, we went to an LPGA tour event in Carlsbad. It was actually really fun, they had clinics for the kids and we got to meet some great women golfers. Plus, they had these giant sand boxes to run around in and rakes to rake the sand with. Cool!



Desmond is getting older, and he's still constantly on the go.



Easter was fun, we did the same thing as last year but with one more child this time. We went to Mariner's church in Newport Beach where they had 22,000 plastic eggs on their lawn. And as the children were set loose upon them, Desmond starting screaming, "they're taking all my eggs!". He didn't want anybody touching any of the 22,000 eggs. And that's why the 3-year olds have their own section, which we ignored at our own peril.



Check out this short Easter video.



The International Printing Museum in Carson had an open-house that was awesome. We learned all about how printing presses started out and later evolved and even later disappeared. Pure mechanical engineering wizardry. Here Amelie is taking a lead slug that they made for her with her name on it and making a print from it. The video is of Mia doing the same.



There's nothing better than a mud pit on a beautiful day. The kids made one on their own in the backyard and they use it surprisingly often.



Naomi started a garden in the front yard. We pulled up the grass and roto-tilled the soil. This is Gavin helping out Mia here.



We put a redwood border around the garden and it came out great. I didn't realize as I was taking the picture that Miles is sitting there eating dirt.



We visited the La Brea Tar Pits and it was a lot of fun. They have this enormous mammoth skeleton that is amazing. It's crazy to think that these giant animals actually walked the earth at one point. Seeing the skeletons up close gives you a real sense of what the animal was like when it was alive. The video shows Amelie trying to pull a big metal rod out of the tar to give you an idea of what it was like for the animals to be stuck in it.



On the tar pit park grounds they have all these little tar pit holes bubbling tar up.



A bear statue at the tar pits.



Mia has learned a few new tricks lately. She can swing by herself and she is riding a bike now. Just like Amelie, she went straight from the balance bike onto a real bike. The weird thing was that she didn't practice for more than a few minutes on the balance bike before getting bored, so we put her on the regular bike and away she went. Desmond is already riding the balance bike well enough for a regular bike as well.

Since I'm running along side of Mia while she rides, the video ended up being pretty shaky. I used this program called vReveal to stabilize it and it worked like magic. The original video just makes you dizzy, the stabilized video is pretty solid.



Mia is climbing trees almost as well as Amelie, Desmond is too.



Desmond is three now and it's so cool to see him growing into new abilities. We visited a hotel near Disneyland and went for a dip in the pool.



Mia was able to go all over the pool with the life jacket on. Sweet!



Miles is getting bigger, too. He's quite enthusiastic around food, waving his arms and legs and making noises like, hey, are you going to finish that?



We did our own May Faire on a beautiful Sunday in the park. Everybody is making raffia crowns with flowers.



Making patterns on the May pole.



After dancing and prancing around the May pole, we took a hike to a sand pit.



The sand pit was fun to slide down, but a bit of a pain to climb up since it's so slippery.



Near the sand pit was a really cool climbing tree.



Until next week, don't forget to snuggle those bunnies!



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