Amelie at 7 years, Mia at 5 years, Desmond at 2 years
May 31, 2011
We started off the month taking a trip with other homeschoolers on the Amtrak up to LA and then the subway to downtown for a visit to the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit. The exhibit was perfect for the kids, lots of hands-on displays they could play with. I don't remember exactly what this invention was for, since "rope ladder" was probably already invented in his time.



The very next day was the May Faire. We had a great time hosting our own May Faire with other home-schooling families. This year I engineered the crown on the pole with steel threaded rods to make sure the crown would hold up (and it did!).



A big part of the May Faire celebration involves making stuff. Mia is here with Anya and Grace-Ellen crafting away.



Naomi made the crown for Mia for the May Faire.



Naomi made a crown for Amelie as well.



The streamers coming off the pole proved irresistible.



We also attended Waldorf's May Faire. It was a lot of fun, and I'm glad we didn't have to volunteer to do all the work like the parents of the students. This was a really fun game where you throw ping-pong balls with velcro on them onto the sheet and try and get them to stick on the various houses and flowers.



The Shipley Nature Center had a spring open-house, so we stopped by to go on a nature walk. I don't remember what kind of skull Amelie is looking at here.



Desmond took the opportunity to capture and eat some local wildlife we encountered.



When we got our two mini-dwarf rabbits, we were told they were both girls. However, Jack, the white and black rabbit, turned out to be a male and got Blackie pregnant. Unfortunately, she only had two babies and both died. It was a bummer for all involved. The saddest part was when Blackie would hop into the birthing box looking for the babies, that was pretty sad.



Mia turned five and we had a little party for her. She's quite excited to be five, and next is six (as she keeps telling us).



That's Gavin showing off some impressive trampoline skills at the birthday party.



The girls made some tie-dyed t-shirts, Mia is modeling her heart shirt.



Naomi had bought a Groupon for a one-hour horse ride, so I took Amelie on it. It was a lot of fun, and Amelie was in heaven. Her horse is named Checkers.



We recently got a couple of guinea pigs to add to the list of pets. Amelie's is named Chocolate and Mia's is named Rainbow. Unfortunately, Amelie originally had one named Blackie that died the day she brought it home. We bought a replacement for her that so far is doing fine. Both guinea pigs are really gentle and pretty fun to play with. Mia carries Rainbow a lot and when she picks it up the first thing it does is make a bee-line for her shoulder where it hides its head in her hair. They both whistle and make some cute noises.



This reminds me of the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon with his transmorgifier.



Until next time, take care!



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