Amelie at 8 years, Mia at 5 years, Desmond at 3 years, Miles at 7 months
March 16, 2012
Amelie turned 8 this month, and Desmond turned 3. Naomi and Desmond share the same birthday as well, so March is a big birthday month for us.



For Amelie's birthday we got out the spin-art machines, I had just finished building three of them, and we had them going for an hour straight. Then, the cheap Home-Depot fan motors I had used burned out on all three of them. So, back to the drawing board! We did get some great spin-art out of them before they died.



Naomi signed up for time-share milking of a cow, where you go once a month to milk a cow. It's at Amy's Farm, which the girls had already toured before.



Milking the cow takes two or three hours (twice a day!), so there's plenty of time to play with the cats...



...and to sit and watch the milking...



...and play with the bunnies. Who knew milking a cow could take so long?



We went and watched a rehearsal for Sleeping Beauty and afterwards the girls playing the fairy godmothers handed out streamers for the girl's hair.



We had taken them just before the rehearsal to a hair place and their hair looked great. Right after the rehearsal, though, they wanted to take out the braids.



Amelie and Mia are climbing higher and higher these days. Amelie has no trouble climbing our loquat tree to get onto our roof.



Mia lost two teeth within a few days of each other. Her adult teeth have already come in enough to see them clearly.



When the weather turned nice we headed down to dog beach. The water was really cold, though. I can't believe they both went in, it was pretty cold.



Amelie was riding the boogie board no problem. The waves weren't that big, though, so it wasn't too much for her.



Naomi's expression says it all. Desmond is still a real pain to take anywhere. We've almost stopped going places because he just runs off to do his own thing. In this case, it's climbing the rocks behind him.



When I asked Desmond if I could take his picture, he turned around and shoved his butt out at me. It's his idea of posing, I suppose.



Desmond found a phone near the rocks he was climbing on, but it didn't work. It had a keyboard built into it, so he played with that.



Miles is pretty easy going. He just hung out on the blanket and stayed warm.



We started giving Miles solid food, and this is his first banana.



And his first broccoli. The amazing thing is when he eats, he has a complete death grip on the food. If I'm feeding him something, he's just pressing as hard as can to get the food into his mouth, it's crazy.



And his first strawberry. Finally we found something he liked. While he was eating the strawberry, Naomi was cracking him up playing peek-a-boo.



We signed Amelie up with this guy, Chris to teach the kids about nature. He was up against some stiff resistance for a bit. He asked the kids, all home-schoolers, to sit in a circle, and immediately was bombarded with responses like, "why do we have to sit in a circle", "can't I climb this tree while you talk", etc. It was really funny and typical of home-schoolers, you have to adjust your teaching style. He finally gave up and just got on with it.



They built a nice little fort, and everybody pitched in, even Desmond was gathering sticks for them.



To finish it off they covered it in leaves. Mia is holding a lizard, that's why her hands are like that.



Speaking of lizards, Kodiak, the nature guy Chris' son, found two lizards, and gave one to Amelie and one to Mia.



Amelie's lizard.



Miles was happy, as always, on his blanket.



Mia shared some cantaloupe with Miles, he was very excited about that. So until next week, hang onto that fruit and don't let go!



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