Amelie at 7 years, Mia at 4 years, Desmond at 2 years
March 28, 2011
Naomi's dad, Ken, passed away last week from pneumonia and pancreatic cancer. He was such a great person, and we miss him greatly. We've taken many vacations with him, and eventually Naomi's parents bought a retirement home in Costa Rica. Also friendly and easy-going, he was a good father, husband, and friend.

This is a family portrait from the wake with all his children and grandchildren.



Mia is sneaking a drink from a soda at the wake, a rare treat.



Naomi and the girls at the wake. The picture of Ken on the mantle has Desmond on his knee.



Amelie with one of Naomi's sister's twins, either Faith or Maya, I'm not sure which. They're six-months old now and getting much bigger.



A close-up of Amelie at the wake.



In other news, the kids all got chicken-pox. The chicken-pox was very mild, though, not at all like I remember it from when I was a kid. I'm glad we got it over with.



We removed the above-ground pool for winter and put in a 14-foot trampoline. After doing the research on how dangerous trampolines are, it seems that with a net up they're actually not that bad. Without a net, yeah, they're dangerous. That's Desmond dressed up in pink.



Desmond wearing some of Mia's clothes again. He threw a huge fit because he wanted to wear Mia's purple skirt, but instead had to settle for all pink. He's eating a mango here.



March is a big birthday month for us. Amelie, Desmond and Naomi all have birthdays in March. Desmond is turning two here, but unfortunately he's napping so he's not in the picture. Time for some gluten-free cake! Naomi is about four months pregnant here.



Dave was in town for Desmond's birthday with the family. This is Luke, who I think is over a year-old here.



This is Amelie at Gavin's birthday party (he turned eight). They had Prehistoric Pets bring a bunch of reptiles to the party. I would say all the kids had no fears at all handling them. It was surprising to me, since I'm not that comfortable with snakes.






Desmond at Gavin's birthday party.



Mia decided to take a nap in our hall closet, for some reason I'm not clear on.



We lost track of Amelie for a while, but eventually she turned up.



Mia right after getting a hair-cut, where the lady braided her hair with flowers in it.



And Amelie after the same hair-cut that Mia got.



Desmond with a lollipop.



I'll leave you with a picture of Ken, Naomi, and Mary at our wedding in Hawaii, seven years ago. We only had three people at the wedding: Naomi's parents and my dad, and Ken passing on is a great loss.



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