Amelie at 6 years, Mia at amost 4 years, Desmond at 1-year
March 26, 2010
Everybody is turning something this month. Amelie is 6, and boy, is she ever. Going around saying, "I'm big now, I can do what I want". If only it were true. Desmond is officially 1, and we were thankful that Naomi's birthday this year was a lot less painful than last year. This is a raw-food cake that Naomi made, it came out fantastic, too.



Getting everything set for the party.



We had a really fun party, with lots of stuff for the kids to do. This is an inflatable roller you roll around in.



The kids have been making hundreds of pages of spin art, so I scanned in a bunch that I liked the best. The girls are amazingly creative with it, way more than me, I have to say. Here Amelie stuck her finger on it after we had turned it off and it was slowing down, and it came out looking like a flower.



Here's another one that just happened to come out like a bird, they've got so many more amazing ones, too.



We have a season pass to Disneyland, so Naomi took the girls there for Amelie's birthday. I think this is Ariel, but who knows.



Desmond was feeding the rabbits some sunflower seeds, when it suddenly occurred to him...



...hey, why should the rabbits have all the fun?



Desmond continues to be the happiest baby I've ever seen, just so happy all the time.



Naomi took the girls to Joshua Tree for a few days camping. It's car-camping, though, which is pretty convenient.



It was pretty cool with all the boulders everywhere.



The camping trip was organized by HSC, a home-school group, so Naomi was there with a big group.



Amelie and Mia had a ready-made group of friends to run around with.



Every night Desmond would prepare a different gourmet dinner for them.



Naomi was unprepared for both the heat of the day and the cold of the night, so everybody came back sunburned.



They took a hike to a stream that pretty much comes out of nowhere and returns back into the ground, it was pretty neat.



Dipping your feet a bit.



Quick, Mia, Desmond is trying to escape!



No such luck, buddy!



Until next time, Desmond says hi!



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