Desmond "Danger" Lorenzini
Born on March 16, 2009, 10:40am
Weight: 9lbs, 2oz - Height: 21.5 inches
Delivered By: Naomi and her mom, Mary


This is about three weeks before the birth. The belly is looking pretty big, and we still didn't know if it was going to be a boy or a girl. But, we both guessed it was a boy, since the belly was bigger than with either of the girls.



The girls have been great, both before, during, and since the birth.



The labor was pretty tough, even though it was only five hours, it was a lot of work moving this nine pound baby out.



The girls were great. We did a home birth in our newly remodeled bathroom, and they were in the tub with Naomi for about an hour.



Naomi's mom, Mary, is a midwife, and she was helping us deliver the baby. Things had stalled out, and the contractions were just rolling one after another with no break. Mary told Naomi to start pushing, and that got the baby moving.



After Naomi started pushing hard, the contractions slowed down and a little bit later, his head popped out.



Naomi's water never broke, so Desmond's head was still in the bag of water when it came out. Naomi's mom felt the umbilical cord around his neck, so she broke the water and repositioned the cord.



Naomi says it felt like she's been run over by a truck, but she's actually looking great for just a couple of days after the birth. We're happy to have the latest (and probably last!) addition to our family, Desmond.



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