Amelie at 10 years, Mia at 8 years, Desmond at 5 years, Miles at 2 years
June 24, 2014


Mia turned 8 years old last month, and it's been wonderful to see her grow up into such a sweet and beautiful young girl. She's awesome and we had a fun birthday party for her.



We left off with the last update right before Easter. We went to the easter egg hunt at Mariner's church in Newport Beach. This is the 1-3 year old area, the old kid's area is about four times as big.



Miles did great, he got out into the center and totally got what he was supposed to do. He's a pretty smart kid, just in general. And still happy and still a sweatheart. There was a kid there who didn't have a single egg, so I voluteered one of Miles', he was not happy about having to share, though.



Amelie and Mia did great. Desmond was running around so he's not in the picture.



On May 1st, we celebrated May Day with other homeschoolers. Everybody's making flower crowns here getting ready to dance around the May pole.



Amelie with her flower crown.



Mia with her flower crown.



Amelie with a bow-tie she made.



Dancing around the May Pole.



We went to the Imaginology Fair, and Desmond got to do this bungee ride. He's getting pretty good at front-flips on our trampoline at home, too.



At the Imaginology Fair, Amelie and Mia showed their rabbits for 4H. Our rabbits did not score too highly, there were a variety of things not quite perfect about them. Here Mia is holding Flopsy.



For a brief moment Amelie was fixated on getting a bird (though this is Mia holding it), so we got this cockatiel off craigslist. Turns out, we're not a bird family, so we gave the bird to Naomi's mother, who is a long-time bird owner.



In other pet news, our female rabbit Sugar had five little baby bunnies recently. After they came hopping out of their burrow in the backyard, Amelie confessed that she had put Sugar and Chocolate together in her room so she could have bunnies. I don't think it will be too hard to find homes for them, though, they're pretty cute.



Naomi took Amelie and Mia to see the Gourmet Detective and they had a great time. Highly recommended if you're looking for something to do. That's Gavin inbetween Mia and Amelie.



My dad came out for a week on business and spent a few days with us. It's great when we get to hang out with relatives because all our family is spread out all over the place.

Amelie is holding up a painting she won a blue ribbon for at the Imaginology fair.



We went blueberry picking in Temecula, the same place we went last year, and man those blueberries were good.

Mia's rocking some cute boots, too.



Afterwards we went to the Old Town Rootbeer Company and had rootbeer floats. They have over 500 kinds of root beer, but that's a birch beer in front of grandpa. They're the only place I can find birch beer around here.



Naomi took the kids camping at Refugio State Beach in Santa Barbara for a few days. It was a homeschooler camping trip and you camp right on the beach.



Amelie and Gavin (and also Mia, later) went out on the water kayaking. It's pretty scary going over the waves when you're first launching, but once you get past the waves it's not too bad.



The Jewish Community Center had an open house, sort of a start of summer celebration, it was great. They are so set up for families, their kiddy pool is just right for Miles.



It's just right for Mia as well.



They had a table for temporary tattoos and the kids went wild.



Amelie had over ten tattoos before she was through.



Even Miles had few tattoos.



They had a bunch of bounce houses, and one of them was even a water slide.



There was a home school day at a local church, it was great. The tattoo lady there was awesome. Mia got a seahorse on her arm.



Amelie got a dragon tattoo on her arm.



For Mia's 8th birthday, we set up a photobooth with a green screen background so you could take pictures of yourself underwater or in outer space, it was a lot of fun. You would take four pictures and then it would print out a 4x6 for you.



We signed the kids of for Junior Biologist camp at Starr Ranch, and they went every day for two weeks. It was pretty neat. Mia was taking apart owl pellets when she got home and laying out all the bones she found on her desk, it was trippy.



Until next time, have a great summer!



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