Amelie at 6 years, Mia at 4 years, Desmond at 14-months
June 4, 2010
Naomi started the month by going on another camping trip to Santa Barbara, to Refugio State Beach. She camped out right on the beach, it was pretty fun.



There were lots of other kids to play with, since it was organized by a home-school group. Since the tent was so close to the beach, it was easy to keep an eye on them.



Of course, the sun was unrelenting, so everybody got a bit sunburned.



The hats only work if you wear them, not eat them.



Desmond had a lot of area to explore, and lots of people to help watch the kids.



Mia is a big fan of Desmond's. There was a lot to do during the day, including making swords from PVC and foam.



The next home-school outing was to the California Science Center. We watch the Hubble 3D IMAX, it was spectacular. By far the best IMAX I've ever seen, and the 3D was so worth it. It was like going into outer space.



There was a lady-bug clinic everybody attended, where you got to do serious lady-bug science.



Mia giving me her best model pose during the lady-bug clinic.



During the lady-bug clinic Desmond was doing his own exploration.



The rose garden at the Science Center is pretty nice. We had lunch on the grass.



There's a huge fountain in the rose garden that Mia just kept running all the way around.



Dave stopped to visit on his way to Lake Tahoe. It was a lot of fun playing with the cousins.



We got to see Luke, and he's just a happy, chubby baby, just like Desmond. He's six months right now.



Desmond and Amelie getting ready to go somewhere in Dave's car. Everybody wants to go in Dave's car.



We visited with Sue when she spent the night at the Hyatt. They had a great pool area for kids.



Mia turned four this month, which is amazing. It seemed to me like she was three forever. That's a gluten-free chocolate cake, of course.



So until next month, try and keep those pants on.



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