Mia at 2 years, Amelie at 4 years, 3 months old
June 5, 2008


Well, Mia turned 2 on May 24. She was having a good time, aware that it was her birthday and what that meant (I think). My dad was out to visit us at the time, which was a nice bonus.



Getting ready for the big party means brushing out all that hair. Naomi is actually pretty good about doing this every day so it doesn't get too crazy, and she tells Amelie a wicked witch story to distract her while she does it.



Amelie loves using the pruning shears, so we had her cut some flowers to put in the vase, but we let her do the whole thing. And I guess she didn't understand that only the stems go in the water, not the entire flower, but that's how she did it. Naomi mentioned how neat the result can be when you let the kids do stuff without us helping at all.



What's a party without balloons? Ed is there on the left.



Some friends of Amelie's came by for the party, Gabriel is on the left, and Ridgely is on the right.



I got some kids flutes and they were enjoying those. Especially the pink ones. You could make cartoony sound effect noises with them.



We made gluten-free peanut-butter cookies from Trader Joe's and Amelie got to help Mia blow out the candle.



We got a couple of rats for Amelie and Mia for her birthday, this one is called Snowflake. Now I know what you're thinking, but let me assure you, rats make very cool pets. I built a giant rat cage for them ($5 for the rat, $200 for the giant rat cage) and they run up and down it, all over the place. If you've never had a rat as a pet, you're probably saying something like, "dude, rats!?!?", but if you've had rats as pets, you know how cool they are. They're smart, tough, friendly, curious, and they don't bite. Unlike my previous chinchillas, they have no fear, and they don't run away from you when you take them out of the cage. If you have kids, you should think about it. We even litter-box trained ours (by simply placing a litter box in the cage, and they figured it out on their own).



The rabbits make nice pets, but they're harder for the kids to hold, and once you let them out in the backyard, it's a two man job to catch them again. The white one is Snoopy and the Rex rabbit is Jack.






Tam Pham put a swing in his atrium, so we got a couple for our patio, and the kids just love them. You have to be a little afraid, though, since they're swinging over concrete, and they are a bit close, but it's just a lot of fun.



We're a big fan of the Waldorf School in Costa Mesa, so we went to their Mayfair Day event. It was soooo boring watching the kids do the Mayfair dances, man, if it's not your kid, you couldn't care less. We all got sunburned, too, but despite that, it was a fun day. Afterwards, we went to AuLac for some vegan raw cuisine.



They had a bunch of activities for the kids, including tossing the bean-bag into the hole. Amelie was awesome, waiting patiently for the other kids to clear out. I was impressed.



Soon to be sunburned.



Waldorf had this cool cabin that Mia had all to herself.



My Dad was out to visit, and here we are all ready to go down to the beach.



One of the nice perks of living in Huntington Beach.



Until next time, I'll leave you with the many faces of Mia at 2-years old.



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