Amelie at 7 years, Mia at 5 years, Desmond at 2 years
July 5, 2011
This month we got some new animals. This is Daisy, a Nigerian dwarf dairy goat. Daisy was very mellow, which was unusual from what we were reading about how crazy goats are. She just hung out. And then got diarrhea and we couldn't seem to fix it. We thought at first it was because the girls fed Daisy some rice cakes, but we thought, aren't goats supposed to be able to eat anything?

So we called up the lady we bought the goat from and she said, all my goats are sick too. It turns out Daisy was sick from the get-go, so we returned her to the lady, but we're not giving up on goats just yet. We're still looking for a couple more goats that are happy and healthy.



We also bought some baby Delaware chicks. Delawares are supposed to be friendly and they don't get too big, 4-5 pounds. We bought six, but only three have survived so far.



I'm currently building a chicken-coop for them, it turns out chicks grow pretty fast and have out-grown their box, so I'm under the gun to finish it. It's not too hard to build a chicken-coop, in case you're wondering, but the material costs do add up.



We went with my sister Sue to ZooMar's Petting Zoo in San Juan Capistrano. Naomi's been there before but I haven't, and it was pretty cool (if not expensive). Amelie is showing Sam one of their guinea pigs.



All the kids did the pony ride, even Desmond. The handlers there are pretty cool, they walk the ponies around and pose the ponies for us to take pictures. That's Sue's other boy Henry on the big pony.



Desmond got this Chinese hat from a friend of ours that had just returned from China, and he hung onto it for the entire ride.



It's nice having a bunch of pets of our own so the girls know how to handle them. We also go to the 4-H bunny meeting and they teach the kids all about bunnies.



We loaned out my new Canon 5D Mark II to the lady who went to China, so I was shooting with my old Digital Rebel, and it turns out that the stock camera is actually pretty light. So when I got my honking big 4-pound 5D back, we gave the Digital Rebel to the kids to use. Desmond was having fun with it and taking some outstanding pictures (not really). I have to say, though, this is such a Lorenzini photo. Everybody on my side of the family is a photographer, it's in the blood. Every one of my siblings has a DSLR, and my brother Joe is an actual professional photographer (not really). In Naomi's family, it's just the opposite, nobody has the slightest interest in it.



ZooMar's added a mining station where kids can pan for fossils or shiny rocks. They sell you a bag of dirt with different kinds of things in them and you dump it into your tray and then wash away the dirt to see what you get. It was pretty cool and I wanted to set something like this up in our front yard (once I finish building a chicken-coop).



The goat hay box I built for the bale of alfalfa hay we got for the goat ended up going unused by the goat, but Amelie and Mia decided to turn the hay into a bed, complete with hay pillow. We're feeding the rabbits the hay so it's not going to waste.



With the hot weather, the kids have turned the rabbit burrow we dug out into an impromptu swimming pool. Desmond, though, won't wear his swim trunks, he insists on wearing one of the girl's bathing suits. This one is Mia's, but he also wears Amelie's.



He also likes copying the girls, so he's wearing their hair band as well. He certainly has the long hair for it.



We bought a DVD on how to cut hair, since Amelie and Mia have been cutting my hair for a while now. Amelie really enjoys cutting hair, so we're going to buy her wigs to practice on. Amelie is trimming just a bit of Mia's hair, but notice Amelie has given herself bangs.



Naomi recently learned how to French braid, so she braided Mia's hair (since Amelie won't let us braid her hair). I love the lighting in this picture, it was taken using a flash but you can't really tell. The Canon 5D Mark II is honestly the most amazing camera I've ever used, I have to say.



We celebrated summer solstice at a friends house, and one of the rituals is to jump over a fire. The fire pit was a bit too big for Desmond, so on his own he lit the candle and jumped over that. I thought that was pretty creative of him.



We celebrated the 4th of July at a friends neighborhood block party, just like the ones I grew up with. It was a lot of fun, and since last year the professional fireworks show we went to kinda sucked, I wasn't missing out on a whole lot. I do like the big boom, though. This is a 1-second exposure where the flash fires right away to light up Mia, then the long exposure kicks in to capture the fireworks sparks.



This is a Morning Glory that Mia is using to write on the ground with.



I swear, both of these guys grow up too fast.



Until next time, when we have even more goat!



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