Amelie at 6 years, Mia at 4 years, Desmond at 16-months
July 19, 2010
Naomi started the month by heading up to Northern California to bring Cat, the giant german shepherd there, to her. Her mom went along to help with the kids. Hannah just bought this house, it's a fixer-upper, but pretty cool, nonetheless.



This trail is basically across the street from her house. They also visited the zoo and a cheese factory. Mmmmm...cheese.



Noah came down to visit, and Naomi was commenting how he kinda looks like Desmond. So we made Noah put Desmond on his head so we can compare.



Desmond is pretty shoe obsessed right now. He's also ladder obsessed, and that's a little more trouble for us. He's constantly putting on somebody's shoe and walking around with it.



We went down to the park to have high tea and play cricket with some other home-schooling families, and they had a bunch of great climbing trees.



For the 4th of July we spent the day at our friend's house, at the end of a cul-de-sac. It reminded me of growing up on Valley Road, where all the families came out and had a block party. This was the same thing, it was awesome. Our neighborhood has hardly any kids living it it, it sucks.



We left the cul-de-sac when it started to get dark and went to the Huntington Beach pier for the fireworks display. It was okay, but the finale was awesome. It turned the end of the pier into a wall of flame. That part was super-cool. The weather was pretty mild, but Amelie was feeling the cold, so she's wearing my jacket.



We tried a new tactic this year for the fireworks, where we parked a mile away and walked (forever). It was okay, but it was still a pain to have to walk that far. Last time we parked illegally in an alley right by the beach, but then got stuck in traffic for a couple of hours trying to leave. I'm still not sure which method works better.



We buy butterfly larvae from, and they're awesome. The butterflies hatch in a couple of weeks, and we've had good luck with all five hatching each time we do it. I liked this picture because you can see Mia changing, she just looks older in this picture to me.



The butterflies are incredibly docile. They let you hold them all you want. In fact, we put one outside on a hydrangea and the next day it was still there. Maybe docile isn't the right word. Comatose?



The hydrangea, hosting a couple more butterflies.



We are giving this car away to a friend's daughter, so I had charged it up and girls couldn't resist trying to run me over with it as a took pictures.



Mia and Desmond playing around at a neighbor's house.



Gavin is showing off his perfect balance skills.



Desmond is getting in on the action as well.



Desmond is getting so big. He's handling this bowl of delicious roasted butternut squash risotto with ease. He's still a huge pain when he runs off every time we open the front door.



Because he's got blond curly hair, he gets mistaken for a girl every so often. I'm not sure what we're going to do with his hair. We've never cut the girls hair, maybe we'll give Desmond a sweet mullet or something (please click on the link, you'll laugh, I guarantee it).



So until next month, hang in there!



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