Amelie at 7 years, Mia at 5 years, Desmond at 2 years, Miles at 5 months
January 22, 2012
Mia is modeling Naomi's hand-knitted cap. Naomi spent a great deal of time knitting this hat, and it came out great. After she was done, though, she bought this knitting machine that can spit one of these hats out in no time at all. You just turn a crank and out comes the hat.



We re-visited the Pasadena Waldorf School's annual Elves' Faire, and as usual it was amazing. They had two bands. Compared to the local Waldorf school's fall festival, it's huge. Amelie is riding this horse made from recycled tires that's on a zip line, and you have to try and get the lance through a ring at the end of the zip line. They have three different sizes, and here you can see the guy is showing Amelie the smallest one, and Amelie nailed it in one try.



Amelie and Mia have been doing ballet, but unfortunately Mia dropped out rather quickly, she said it was boring and made her tired.



Amelie is still hanging in there, though. She's enjoying the outfits and poses.



Miles looks ready to pop!



The home-school group we hang out with took a field trip to a farm, and the lady running it was also home-schooled.



All the kids got to brush this mini-horse. We looked into getting a mini-horse for our backyard, but that's probably not the most practical of pets.



All the kids took turns milking a cow as well.



Meanwhile, Desmond was having a blast with the pumpkin and the cart.



My dad came out to visit in December and got to meet Miles for the first time. They got along great. Miles is still happiest baby I've ever seen.



My brother Dave was passing through to Tahoe at the same time, which was great. He has little Luke there in the lower-left.



My dad has passed on the photography gene, and I've also passed it along. Mia has taken ownership of my old Digital Rebel and she's getting some decent shots with it.



Desmond also has caught the photo bug, but it drives Mia crazy when he plays with her camera. I've had to promise Amelie and Desmond to get them their own camera.



We did Advent nights during December, and here Desmond has borrowed a sword from Pierce and is ready to do battle with his pink tutu.



Trader Joe's has these gingerbread house kits for just a few bucks. We bought three and put the kids to work!



Amelie was quite proud of her house.



Christmas was a lot of fun for us this year. For some reason, the girls wanted to take separate pictures with Santa, so I'll just present them all here. Desmond didn't want anything to do with that jolly fat man, so we didn't get a picture of him. Miles was a sweetheart, though.



Mia with Santa.



Amelie with Santa.



See, when I said Desmond didn't want anything to do with Santa, neither did Luke. But, Dave soldiered on, producing what we have here, a classic!



Christmas brought new presents, including this skateboard for Desmond.



Amelie got a new Loog Guitar. I can't recommend the Loog enough. It's expensive, so I had my doubts, but I was so tired of buying cheap children's instruments. The Loog is awesome, and it has three strings instead of six, tuned to an A chord. So, Amelie can strum the guitar and you've got a chord right there, or you can bar the frets to make a new chord. No fingering positions needed. It's got a shorter neck as well. It comes as a kit you put together in a few minutes, and it's a quality instrument. Amelie came up with a fun song called "Zombies Popping Out of the Graves" (see the people run and scream, see the people run and hide...) The video here is the ABC song, and I have no idea why Desmond is dressed the way he is.



Mia got a giant dollhouse for Christmas, with tons and tons of accessories. It's pretty cool, some of the pieces play music when you press them.



We were driving around looking at horse properties and came across a park to give everybody a break. So, here's some pics just a day old to catch everybody up. This is Miles at five months.



Desmond throwing a football through a basketball hoop. Doesn't matter, it's still a ball. Desmond will be three in a little over a month.



Mia playing with sand at the park.



Amelie will be eight in a month, it's hard to believe. We'll try and get back to monthly updates, so until then, take care!



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