Amelie at 6 years, Mia at 4 years, Desmond at 22-months
January 7, 2011
This Christmas we had a lot of fun. The girls didn't really have an answer when Santa asked them what they wanted this year, and Desmond was too freaked out to sit on Santa's lap, so maybe next year.



We attended the Waldorf Winter Festival again this year. They had a great rope swing that Amelie did all kinds of tricks with. I have to put one of these in at our house.



Let me just say, I love the full-frame sensor on the Canon 5D Mark II I'm shooting with. You can grab these really wide shots that look great. Desmond is really eyeing that ball.



Amelie at the Winter Festival. She got her first permanent tooth last month, and has since gotten one more with another ready to drop.



We went up to Big Bear to play in the snow for Christmas Eve, and it was really nice weather. The sun was out and the ice was melted so we weren't slipping everywhere. This is my friend Thomas' cabin that we rented from him.



We had to drive around the neighborhood looking for a very small incline to sled down. Amelie was not looking for anything too adventurous.



And she's off! It's a very small hill.



Meanwhile, Desmond is out in the snow in crocs (after going in barefoot the first time). We have boots for him, and they fit him, but it's almost impossible to put them on him. He curls his toes or does something which makes it incredibly difficult to put them on him. Even Mia's boots are really hard to put on him.



Meanwhile, Mia didn't even want to get out of the car. Nice and warm, that's okay with her.



Thomas has this awesome flat-screen TV, but with all these VHS tapes. I haven't watched VHS in a long time. I told him to put in a sweet HTPC, but it's strictly bring your own. We don't have TV, so the girls had a rare opportunity they weren't about to waste.



We went to the 4H meeting to buy a couple of mini-Rex rabbits for $10 each. They're still babies and they're just incredibly soft. Desmond isn't ready to hold them on his own, though.



Amelie and Naomi did end up in a snowball fight, with several coming my way. Amelie was having fun hitting me with snowballs while I took pictures, since I wasn't looking to duck it was pretty easy.



Christmas was a lot of fun for us. Amelie got a new sewing machine, which I have to say is pretty cool. Can you spot the Christmas elf in this picture?



Desmond got a new scooter for Christmas to match the ones the girls have. He's incredibly good at it for a not-quite two-year old. He bails a lot, but just keeps on going.



Nonno was in town for Christmas, and he got Desmond both a soccer ball and a basketball. That kid is set!



Mia got a spiffy new hat for Christmas from Children's Orchard.



The rabbits have been handled constantly, so they're very mellow when you pick them up. Mia's is named Jack (because he looks like our old rabbit named Jack that died) and Amelie's is named Blackie. They're very sweet, but we're going to have to spend some time bonding them to our other rabbit Snoopy.



Until next month, we'll see you then!



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