Amelie at 5 years, Mia at 3-1/2 years, Desmond at 9-1/2 months
January 5, 2010
We took the Amtrak train with a home-school group from Irvine to San Diego and spent the day at the San Diego Zoo. It was a lot of fun of everybody, and the train ride was really enjoyable and quicker than driving.



At the playground at the zoo.



Mia checking out the giraffes at the zoo.



Desmond is 9-1/2 months old, and big. He's walking a few steps and saying a few words like momma and daddy. He's a lot of fun, just a very happy baby.



We visited Santa at Fashion Island, and the girls were quite disappointed that they received a coloring book instead of a candy cane afterwards.



Riding the carousel at Fashion Island.



Amelie had to ride twice to get the horse she wanted, so here's she's pretty happy.



We had a fantastic time decorating the tree, I did the lights and Amelie did the ornaments, while Naomi made the (gluten-free) cookies for Santa.



Santa brought a little rotator-painter toy for the girls, but it was pretty small and didn't spin that fast, and we kept running out of paint. So, I decided to build a big one from a wash-tub I got at Home Depot and the motor I pulled from a fan I got at Goodwill. It wasn't a whole lot of work and it ended up working great. The girls are sparkle crazy, though, they can't get enough sparkle on the page.



Desmond looking for some rabbits to bother.



Found them! Now, let's see if we can catch one.



Holy cow! Desmond actually caught Jack, but not for long.



Yoinks! The chase is on.



Amelie is turning 6 soon, and we can see her turning into a kid right before our eyes, it's so trippy.



Mia is getting ready for our day-trip to the snow.



Let me just say, it gets cold up there on the mountain.



The snow trip was great, but cold. We were poorly prepared to be in snow. Amelie is wearing sandals in this picture, though you can't see it. Full disclosure: I was also wearing sandals (and shorts).



Mia pleading with us to take this giant snow ball back in the car with us.



And this is the pouty face when we told her it was going to melt all over the seats. We ended up putting it into a plastic bag and taking it with us. Suckers!



Well, that's it for this month. Until next time, try and stay warm this winter!




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