Amelie at 9 years, Mia at 6 years, Desmond at 4 years, Miles at 18-months
February 26, 2013


We took another weekend trip up to Sonoma to look at homes in the area. Naomi found us a great hotel on HotWire that worked out great for us, and we had fun touring the area.



While we were swimming in the pool at the hotel and Sharky decided he didn't want to be left out, so in he jumped. He swam okay, doggy-paddling over to Amelie. Mia is drying him off here.



Miles showing off his talents in the jacuzzi.



Naomi's nephew Skyler is raising hamsters, so we acquired four new hamsters.



So, we got three new guinea pigs and they were all supposed to be female. Surprise! One of them was a male, which means we have two new guinea pig babies and probably two more on the way. They're cute, though, but nobody needs five guinea pigs, so we have to give some away.



For Skyler's 13th birthday, Naomi went out and visited him, and Miles had a chance to drive around a bit in the backyard.



Amelie started fostering cats for Meow's Cat Rescue, so she takes care of them during the week and every Saturday and Sunday she takes them to Pet Supply for their kitty adoptions.



While Amelie is busy with the cats, Mia and Miles get to play like kitties on their cat scratching posts.



Naomi found a cheap rate (okay, relatively cheap rate) for the Pelican Hill Resort, a five-star hotel. It's so plush, we loved it. For instance, the sheets on the bed are available for five hundred (!) dollars at the gift shop. Our room had a beautiful ocean view and a fireplace, they brought in a microwave and we were set.



They make their own artisan gelato, it's good stuff, but since they make it themselves the flavors are limited.



They had some kind of ball court at the hotel, but we never figured out exactly which game the court is made for.



Of course, the pool is the real star of the show. This thing is 136-feet in diameter, 400,000 gallons, and warm as a bathtub. I have no idea how they heat this thing, it's huge. When we swam in it at night, and because there's a white bottom on the pool, your whole body glows white under the water, just like when we swam in the Blue Grotto on the island of Capri off the coast of Italy. It was awesome.



Naomi had bought Desmond this new kind of life-jacket that leaves the arms free to doggy paddle around, and since it goes in the front of the chest, it keeps the head above water. It worked fantastic for Desmond and we didn't have to worry about him while he was in the pool. Plus, it's an easy way for him to learn to doggy-paddle.



After the swim, get wrapped up and relax on the deck chairs.



Pelican Hill will shuttle you down to Crystal Cove beach, give you a bag with towels, water, sunscreen, toys for the kids, chairs, and an umbrella. It's completely insane, and we loved it.



Mia is king of the world!



The tide pools at Crystal Cove are covered in mussels, and man do they hurt to walk on. The kids didn't seem to notice, but I sure did!



Mia found some hermit crabs, she picked them up but then released them back again.



Amelie also was hunting for hermit crabs.



Sharky has been doing great with us. Naomi trimmed him a bit because his fur was getting matted, but he's getting bigger and is a lot of fun for the kids, Desmond especially likes playing with him.

Until next time, take care!



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