Amelie at 5 years, Mia at 3-1/2 years, Desmond at 11 months
February 16, 2010
Camp Krem is up in Santa Cruz. Naomi took the plunge and headed up there for a week with a lot of other home-schoolers. Unfortunately, it was cold and the girls refused to wear warm clothes, and there weren't a lot of other girls Amelie's age, so Naomi cut it a day short and returned before the rain really started coming down.



Part of the camping experience is putting those kids to work!



Desmond didn't have any choice, so he was warmly dressed and ready to play.



Ready to play outside.



This is a scan of a printed photograph, so it's not as sharp as it should be, but this is inside at Camp Krem. Notice the boots the girls are wearing, they enjoyed the boots.



Back home, the rain kicked in, and Amelie was prepared for any eventuality.



We put this car up on Craiglist and needed a photogenic model for the ad.



Naomi is getting the house in shape, so we're remodeling our guest bedroom. This is the first time that we didn't end up with painted footprints and handprints all over the room after the girls helped us paint. They did a great job, actually.



Desmond can't get enough of a spirulina shake. He's messy but thorough.



Naomi took everybody to the Date Festival in Indio, and they got to hold a baby alligator. I thought that was pretty cool that they both got up there to hold the alligator, and they really enjoyed it. This is also a scan of a polaroid.



Any trip to Indio is an occasion to play with grandma's chihuahua, Pepe.



I built a raised redwood planter as a test to see how well it worked, and I have to say, it's been great. I think we're going to do one more next to this one in the front yard. The girls are doing all the work of planting, and they're really enjoying it. The interesting thing was that the wood for it cost about $50 but the soil cost over $100. I was really surprised by how much organic soil costs. It's crazy expensive.



Playing in the front yard.



Meanwhile, Desmond is busy gardening as well.



I asked the girls to pose in front of the banana tree for me. Mia picked up a new dress, but Amelie is still wearing the same shirt, but we got smart and bought many copies so we can swap them out when they get too dirty.



Amelie is almost 6-years old (next month!), and she's really growing up fast. I notice almost every day that she's able to do new stuff that she couldn't before. It's a real turning point.



Mia in her new dress.



Desmond is still the happiest baby we've ever seen, and so full of love. It's just awesome picking him up and he gives you a big hug, he's amazing. So, until next month, stay happy!



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