Amelie at 14 years, Mia at 12 years, Desmond at 9 years, Miles at 7 years
December 25, 2018


For Halloween (from left to right), Miles was a ghoul, Mia was a swiss miss, and Desmond went in this full body suit as "Jeff the Killer".



Amelie went as a cat, and she has a tail back there but it's hard to see.



Mia's had braces forever, and there's still a long way to go.



Mia takes a lot of selfies, so here's one more.



Amelie got a baby hedgehog, but she only kept him a few months before she got rid of him. He wasn't all that friendly. They sure are cute as babies, though.



Both Amelie and Mia got ferrets as pets. I'm not the biggest ferret fan, but I don't mind them either.



Amelie started up with cello lessons again, after buying herself a new cello with money she earned breeding the toy poodles.



I took Desmond and Miles to Altitude and it took Miles forever to make it up this steep trampoline.



Amelie and Mia were in a play at their school, Garnet Prep, here's the video. The play is called Hansel and Gretel and the Creepy Woods.

Amelie is playing the head elf, and Mia is Gretel.



In November, Naomi took the kids on a trip to California. They had a great time, and got to stay with friends there.



Naomi's mom has a lot of birds, so this parakeet is sitting on Amelie's head.



Naomi visited Alena and she made the most incredible meal for the kids.



There's cabins you can rent down in Corona del Mar, so Naomi got one for the night and the kids really enjoyed it.



Miles digging in the sand in Corona del Mar.



Mia hanging in the tree at Alyssa's house.



Naomi can't stand the cold in Idaho so we took a break and went to Oahu in Hawaii for a couple of weeks. It was pretty amazing, just perfect weather when it was 30 degrees back in Idaho.

I'm not sure where this area was, somewhere over by the Disney hotel. I think it's called turtle bay, but we didn't see any turtles.



This is the view from our balcony.



This is a panorama of Hanauma Bay. That's such a great place to swim with the fishes. The only problem was, they closed it the day after we visited because of too much poop in the water. Gross.



At the end of Hanauma Bay, they have these tide pools you can explore.



Mia made this cool sand turtle at the bay.



We went to a breakfast at the hotel next to ours, and they had these gluten-free pancakes that were just incredible. Also incredible was the price, it was around $90 for breakfast (even after we split the pancakes in half). The whole time we were there was just one case of sticker shock after another. I think we spent about $2k just for food, it was insanely expensive.

I love the look Miles is rocking here. I'm not sure what he's going for, but it's working for him.



Mia got this henna done by a lady working in a small stall, that we stumbled on just wandering around the streets. It was by far the coolest henna I've seen.



Naomi had a great time in Hawaii and didn't want to come back. I was joking with her that we were on two different vacations. She was enjoyed a chauffered vacation where everything was free, and I was stressed out from driving on their tiny streets and the cost of everything.



Miles was swimming in the hotel pool and did surprisingly well. Pools are such a terrifying thing for parents to deal with, so the sooner he learns to swim the better.



We went to the Byodo-In Temple and it's a great place to visit. It was our favorite thing to do, so peaceful and relaxing, we spent hours there. They have all these cats around the place, too. Apparently people abandon their cats there all the time.



We fed the birds and the koi fish for over an hour (and spent a small fortune on bird food). It was great, though.



Desmond doing his best bodhisattva imitation.



They had some koi fish that were over 100 years old.



In some shopping mall they had a display to take a grinchie, and all Desmond wanted to do was photobomb Mia as she took her grinchie.



We went back to the beach Naomi and got married at, Halona Beach Cove, and took new pictures of us standing on the same spot where the ceremony took place (I was going to post before/after pictures, but we're so fat and old it was too depressing so I didn't). Only Naomi's parents and my dad were there. My dad video taped it, and this is the ceremony from September 2003.

It's so nice to see Ken in this video, he passed away in 2011.

Naomi was a few months pregnant with Amelie at the time, which is why we decided to get married while we were in Hawaii. Our whole relationship has been backward: first we bought a house together, then got pregnant, did the honeymoon, and then got married. But, it works for us!

Until next time, try and stay warm!



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