Amelie at 9 years, Mia at 7 years, Desmond at 4 years, Miles at 2 years
December 10, 2013


We started taking advantage of these coupons we got for free miniature golf for Halloween. This is Desmond in front of their pirate statue for the water park (which was closed for winter).



Mia was also getting in on the act.



Amelie after getting a hole in one at the mini-golf course (which is not quite as hard as it sounds).



Mia set the table for Thanksgiving, she was quite proud of herself. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal.



After we ate, we went to the Pelican Hill Resort, in Newport Beach. They had a buffer for over $100 per person, it was completely insane to watch all these families walk up and go in as if it was free. They had a guy doing balloon animals and a puppet show.



The Pelican Hill Resort is so money. The room the puppet show was in had complimentary hot chocolate, lemonade, water, coffee, and hot cider. It's living the good life. For free!



In fact, I think we left with more money than we came with after we had the kids go through their fountain scraping up whatever coins they could. In case you haven't noticed, we are the riff-raff.



Unfortunately, our good friend Michael Canann passed away, and we attended his memorial. He is missed by everybody who knew him, he was just an amazing person.



Miles at Michael's memorial. His hair is getting crazy long at this point.



Kristen's mom catered the event. She hosts raw food potlucks out of her house, so it was great to have her there helping her mom out, the food was excellent. Just the soup was raw, though.



Miles has pretty much mastered the scooter, he rides it all the time now, in the house and outside.



Another thing Miles enjoys is getting things wet. Whether it's a squirt bottle or a pool water canon, he's interested.



We attended the 2013 Elves Faire at the Pasadena Waldorf school again this year, and John C. Reilly was playing folk music with his group John Reilly and Friends. They were pretty good.



John C. Reilly ate lunch just a few feet away from us, that's him at the end of the table. It was awesome. I told him I was just talking with somebody about Dr. Steve Brule the night before. He didn't say anything back because he was chewing, but he nodded his head.



Of course, there was awesome home-made ice-cream there.



Mia's best "hands off my ice cream" look.



A perennial favorite is the digging for gems part of the faire. It was so packed, though, we couldn't get to it until near the end when most of the gems were gone.



Miles are dressed up for the faire. Naomi bought Miles and Desmond matching sweaters.



Another dear friend passed away, my friend Casey's mom, Ardie. She was an incredible woman, just a beautiful person who was nice to everybody. She changed my life many years ago, for the better, and I miss her a lot.



We all attended Ardie's memorial, the kids were okay with it, having just gone through it with Michael. Both of them died of cancer, it's incredible how hard that disease is to beat.



We signed the kids up for a home-schooling class taught at a church, they enjoyed it a lot.



One aspect I like of homeschool classes is the broad range of ages represented.



We celebrated Advent this year, it was a lot of fun, but we've already forgotten to light the second week advent candle! We're Advent slackers.



Amelie and Miles, all smiles.



Until next time, stay fashionable!



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