Amelie at 8 years, Mia at 6 years, Desmond at 3 years, Miles at 16-months
December 31, 2012


We had a great Christmas, the kids had a lot of fun. We visited the Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach, which is a freaking awesome 5-star hotel, and instead of waiting an hour in line for a Santa picture at Fashion Island, they had a Santa sitting all by himself in their lobby and he was happy for the company. They even had a harpist playing her harp in the background. How cool is that?



Even Miles took a turn, but Desmond is still too freaked out by Santa to get a picture.




Their pool is amazing. It's the largest round pool in the world, 136 feet across and perfectly circular, and even though I was shooting with a 24mm wide-angle lens I still had to take two photos and stitch them together to fit the whole thing in. The pool has 1.1 million hand-cut glass tiles. How any company can deliver 1.1 million hand-cut tiles is beyond me. How anybody can afford to buy that many is also a mystery. You can see their golf course in the background.

The day we went it was raining a little and we were the only ones there. We received great service in the restaurant, they even brought blankets to the table since we were sitting on the balcony outside.



We will definitely be going back, especially during off-season.



This is the ginger-bread house in their cafe. It has a lot of elements from Italy, you can see the Duomo in Florence in the center, along with the towers in San Gimignano on top.



We visited the Elves Faire at the Pasadena Waldorf again this year. They always do such a great job putting it on. Here Amelie and Mia are digging for buried treasure.



Mia digging for treature.



Got something!



Desmond looks a little unsure jousting, but he did a great job and got the ring in the end.



Mia is getting ready for her turn on the jousting, and she also got the ring.



Desmond had fun climbing all over their boat next to the treasure hunt. I love this picture because soon after this trip, Naomi cut his hair down to boy length.



This is Desmond post-hair cut.



Miles is about 16-months old, and he just started becoming a pain in the ass. If we go somewhere, he wants to run around and won't sit still, and this is happening just as Desmond stopped being a pain. Desmond is getting pretty easy to take places, but we're restarting the clock with Miles.



Also this month we did a weekend trip to the Disneyland Grand Californian hotel. That place is awesome. It's kid-friendly as you expect, and their pool and jacuzzi is top-notch, with a giant water slide. Since it's right next to Downtown Disney, there's a lot to keep you busy. That was one problem with the Pelican Hill Resort, there's just nothing to do there.



Amelie also enjoyed the pool at the hotel, but mostly we spent time in the jacuzzi since it's so warm.



Miles is keeping up with the other kids just like Desmond did at that age. We were a bit nervous watching him pull this off, but he did it over and over with no trouble.



We picked up three new guinea pigs for the kids this month, this guy is named Coco and he's Amelie's.



This is all three of them. They're just babies and pretty friendly for guinea pigs, which are normally pretty scared of everything.



We also got a new puppy named Sharkie. He's a shih tzu/yorkie mix, a shorkie. He's only two months old and very sweet and mellow for a puppy, not bat-shit crazy at all, and the kids just adore him.



This is not a new pet, just a possum passing through the yard.



When we did school photos of the kids with Stephanie Hager, we had her take a portrait of Miles as well. He's just such a happy baby, it's crazy. So, until next time, we hope you had a great Christmas and here's looking forward to the beginning of a new year!



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