Amelie at 15 years, Mia at 13 years, Desmond at 10 years, Miles at 7 years
August 1, 2019


I went to a car show with my next door neighbor and they had some amazing cars. This one was particularly crazy.



In May I participated in my first (and last) piano recital, playing Pachelbel's Canon. It's just a two minute piece, but I practiced for about four and a half months. Pretty brutal, but I enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, Gloria, my piano teacher retired after this recital, but fortunately she decided to keep me on as her only student, so I'm still taking lessons every week.



Mia is watching these youtube videos on how to do art, and they're coming out nice. She also painted her closet door with the drippy colorful paint sort of like at the top of the dinosaur painting and it looked so colorful and fun.



Naomi took the kids to get a manicure, and Miles sure is enjoying himself.



All the kids with their beautiful nails.



Amelie got another bird, a parrotlet, I think. Mia is holding it here in Amelie's room.



Mia goofing off with Luna, one of the toy poodles. I love how ripped her jeans are. You know she buys them like that?



We took a trip through the forests of Washington, and it was really cool. A lot of driving, but worth it.

This is near Lake Quinault in the Olympic National Forest.



Evil Mia, always causing trouble. That's her friend Krystal on the right, who also came with us.



We stayed at this nice hotel near the lake. This is Mia helping Miles with the short walk we're about to take to see the world's largest spruce tree.



This is the world's largest spruce tree (it's a sitka spruce). It's 191-feet tall and 59-feet around. It's also about 1000 years old. All that time hanging out just waiting for us to show up.



This was a cool stream we found during a hike through the forest.



Miles in the forest.



Naomi is a great tour guide. She found us this cool waterfall and we played around for a long time.



Amelie at the waterfall.



We took a tour along the coast and found several beaches to explore. I can't remember which one this is, unfortunately.



This is Ruby Beach. I'm not sure if you can find rubies there or not, but it was fun to visit there, anyway.



They had this gigantic rock the kids could climb on.



Speaking of rocks, Desmond found this big heavy rock that he insisted on carrying back to the car. Why? I have no idea.



But of course, after like two feet he's begging Naomi to step in and carry it up this big hill. Which she did! Go mom!

I threw the rock out when we got back home.



We visited the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim, and it was the highlight of the trip. This is a window looking out over the park.

Pro-tip: You can never have enough bread to feed to the animals, so buy a lot when you get your ticket.



I don't think I've ever seen a peacock in real life before, so this was a real treat, especially since it fanned out its feathers for us.



Before you enter the park, there's some deer near the parking lot you can feed.



When you first start out, it's actually difficult to get into the park because all these llamas are camped out at the entrance waiting for bread. You have to move forward slowly and try not to bump them.



Mile's reaction to getting up close and personal with the animals in the park.



Miles was calling this bear the world's laziest bear, because it hardly moved when we threw it some bread.



The buffalo were pretty nuts. They are huge and if I met one in the wild I would be pretty scared, but for some reason seeing them outside the car begging for bread, they weren't that scary.



Here's a short video of what it's like going through the park. The animals are relentless, especially when you're the only car in the park.

Of course, it was Mia who came up with the idea of putting bread on the sunroof to get the birds to land on the car. It worked great!



Naomi took the kids to Redfish Lake, and it was great. We've been there before and it never disappoints. I mean, check out that view!



The kids on their horses.



They got a paddle boat to explore the lake a bit. Later Naomi took a motor-boat tour of the lake.



Naomi brought some small inflatable row boats and the kids had a blast goofing off in the pool with them.



We took a trip to California to get our house there fixed up as a rental, and while we were there Mia and Desmond were pulling on each other and she let go of Desmond and he fell and sprained his wrist. It wasn't that bad and the cast was off in a few weeks.



Painting the house, getting ready to rent it.



Naomi found this guy Lenny who gives trumpet lessons. Initially we signed up Amelie, but pretty soon she lost interest and Miles took it up. After he learned part of happy birthday and another song, he went down to the the HB Pier and made $30 or so. That got Desmond interested and pretty soon he was also taking lessons. They ended up making about $200 busking at the pier. Unfortunately, when I added up how much we spent on lessons, it was over $900, in one month! I should have kept track sooner.



This is Miles playing trumpet at the pier.



And the result! Bringing it home, baby.



We stayed in California over a month, so the girls got bored and they flew home by themselves. They're growing up quick, no doubt about it. Once they got home they ordered food with those food delivery apps and generally were fine for the week they were by themselves.



Until next time, don't forget to hug your puppies!



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