Amelie at 6 years, Mia at 4 years, Desmond at 17-months
August 27, 2010
The home-school park group that Naomi meets up with bought a bunch of 3/4-inch irrigation tubing and made a ton of colorful hoola-hoops of all different sizes. Amelie got to be pretty good at them, starting it on her neck and bringing it down to her waist.



At our company picnic, the girls found a rock filled with shells.



This raccoon was part of a family that was living in an attic until he got caught. He was released into a park, though. He was a pretty old raccoon.



Naomi set the mats up out front so the girls could practice their tumbling. I hope Mia makes it!



Perfect front-roll!



Mia also learned to climb our avocado tree, but luckily, it's only about five feet high right now.



Yes, that is a sharp knife Amelie is using! Amelie has been showing a lot of interest in helping us out with all kinds of stuff, including prepping brocolli.



Here they're both trying to ride a scooter at the same time. I'm not sure how well that worked out.



This month Amelie and I took a tour of John Wayne airport, and it was pretty boring. It might have been fun pre-9/11, but nowadays it's no fun.



On the way to the home-school conference, we stopped by to visit a zoo in Palo Alto. It was pretty funny because it wasn't much of a zoo. Ducks, rabbits, and geese, and one big cat of some sort. They had a fun exhibit next to the zoo, though, that we enjoyed.



The HSC conference in Sacramento was just a big party. There was constantly stuff going on, but mostly the girls just ran around with their friends. Naomi went to a bunch of sessions, and here Amelie is making a purse from these loops of yarn. It was a lot of fun. Home-schooling is a natural fit for us, and we're really enjoying it.



One of the most popular things to do was hammer and cut wood. Desmond got mad if anybody tried to take his hammer away. It was so popular that we're setting up a construction table at our house. This picture was taken by Thru Luke's Lens, the official photographer for the event.



The pool and jacuzzi was very popular. This is the view from our balcony, we were right in the middle of the action. The girls loved the swimming, but Desmond was too afraid of the big pool to go in. He liked the jacuzzi, though.



The heat was intense, and the girls eventually ended up wading in the fountain.



They had a stage where the kids could practice their circus skills, like balancing a peacock feather or juggling.



Amelie at sunset. I just liked this picture, so I'm throwing it in here.



Until next time, have fun!



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