Amelie at 5 years, Mia at 3 years, Desmond at 5-months
August 25, 2009
Naomi's family had just returned from a trip to Costa Rica, and it was her sister Hannah's birthday, so Naomi made a raw-food cake to celebrate.



Naomi bought a new raw dessert book, and it took all day to make the cake. She said there were a huge number of steps to go through, but in the end, it looked and tasted great.



With the hot weather for the summer, we set up a slip-n-slide in the backyard.



Mia doesn't look too sure about it, though.



Dave and Tiffany stopped by on their way back from Lake Tahoe, and they all went down to Sue's for a visit.



This is all the cousins together, except for Joe's two kids. From left, Amelie, Desmond, Mia, Nick, Tyler, Sam and Henry. Tiffany is expecting soon so Tyler and Nick can look forward to a new baby brother.



Sue has this kick-ass backyard playset.



Tyler and Nick know to take the high ground.



Fat baby, so happy!



Mia is having a great summer, but Amelie will be starting kindergarten in the next few weeks, I hope she's not bored.



Amelie at five is so much fun, the older they get, the funner it is, I think (perhaps up to a point).



Desmond is still fat, and still the happiest baby I've ever seen. He just cracks up at anything you do.



No teeth yet, though.



Hat-trick! I have no idea how this happened. It hasn't happened since, I know that.



Until next time, stay happy!



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