Amelie at 15 years, Mia at 12 years, Desmond at 10 years, Miles at 7 years
April 1, 2019


Before we said good-bye to winter, we headed down to the local sledding hill for some fun.



We went sledding at the local sled park. This ramp is the fastest one, which I didn't want to go on even though it wasn't all that fast. Mia comes down first and then Naomi and Miles.



Our local park had a tiny bit of snow left, but not really enough left to sled on.



Spring brought us three new puppies. Teddy, the mom, had four, but one was still-born.



This is one of the puppies a month later.



Amelie got a couple of new baby rats. Rats make wonderful pets, they're very affectionate and curious.



Mia did a makeover, she's 12 years old.



Miles is looking good at 7 years old. Such hair!



Miles loves doing bubble baths and using bath bombs. He keeps a stash in his room.



Amelie and Mia went to Cunningham Ranch with their classmates, it's a working cattle ranch. It was a lot of fun, and they let the kids try their hand at roping a post, and it's a lot harder than it looks. I also tried it and never made it once. The funny thing is, the post isn't even moving, so who knows how cowboys do it with moving calfs.



The owners of the ranch had three kids that were really adorable. Their boy is a mini-cowboy.



The ranch had all kinds of different animals. These are new-born pigs.



They have some baby goats, as well.



Even baby bunnies.



On the way back from the ranch, we stopped at Idaho's biggest waterfall.



It was pretty cool seeing it, it was pretty big.



Naomi with her boys, 10 and 7.



Easter was so much fun. The neighborhood did an easter egg hunt, and Amelie brought her bunny out on a harness.



Amelie turned 15 this year! That's so crazy, to think how far we've come with all the kids.



The kids blew up a bunch of balloons and drew pictures on each one.



Naomi signed up to sell Cutco knives (some of you may remember getting a text from her), because she wanted to get sales experience, but she wasn't serious about selling the knives for money.



In Idaho, you can get your drivers license at 15 years old, so Amelie started doing driver training. Let me tell you, there is nothing more terrifying that driver training your 15-year old.



My dad ordered this cool piano cake for my 50th birthday. I've been taking piano lessons for a few years now, and I really enjoy it. I'm still pretty bad though, I wish I had gotten a start as a kid on piano.



At the end of the school year, the kids went to a local lake to play around for a day.



It's cold, but it's worth it! Until next time, enjoy the sunshine!



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