Amelie at 7 years, Mia at almost 5 years, Desmond at 2 years
April 26, 2011
Things started off with a bang this month, when Naomi's sister Hannah got married. It was a beautiful day and a great celebration. Hannah married Ryan, and they are a great couple. If Ken could have been there, it would have been perfect.



Amelie got all dressed up and did her hair up in braids, she cleaned up great!



What's a wedding without a piņata? Hannah busted it wide open on her first swing, I think.



We did a local kid's faire and they had baby chicks you could pet. It's amazing how cute baby chicks are and how annoying adult chickens are. Especially early in the morning when you're trying to sleep.



Pony rides are like crack to little girls, what can I say. Amelie is bugging me to lease a pony one day-a-week at the local stables, so we're checking out that option.



The Easter egg hunt at Mariner's Church is huge. The campus is amazing and they even had a photographer there from the Daily Pilot. The guy took a picture of Desmond that ended up on the front page on both the print and web editions of the paper. Check it out!



Once they say "go!", it's all over very quickly. Kids were still arriving long after it was all over. Those eggs go fast.



This year they did little plastic toys as well as candy. Last year is was just candy, so this year was an improvement in the loot.



They had a few booths with free arts and crafts, including face painting.



The end-result.



The girls didn't want to dress up for Easter at all, but Desmond didn't mind.



Just to show Desmond is all boy, he also did a bunch of manly stuff as well, like painting. And yes, he did paint my car at some point, but I was standing right there so I just wiped it off.



Nailed it!



Easter morning we had our own easter egg hunt, it was another mad-dash.



Naomi is six months along with the new baby, and she's started to show. She's helping the kids find any eggs they might have missed.



Mia is almost five and she's just a lot of fun. We've been doing a lot jumping on the trampoline together, but Naomi can't join in since she's pregnant.



Until then, don't over-do it on those chocolate eggs!



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