Amelie at 5 years, Mia at almost 3-years, Desmond at 1-month
April 24, 2009


Desmond is just a big baby, he's already up to almost 13-pounds at just 5 weeks. He seems so light, though, since I'm used to carrying the girls.



The weather has been all over the place lately (global climate change?), so for this day we pushed two plastic bins together and ran warm water from the water heater drain valve so they could have little bath tubs in the yard.



Easter was a lot of fun this year, Naomi took the girls to the park for an easter egg hunt.



Ah, the loot!



For easter, the girls received two easter baskets from our neighbors, which was really nice of them. The girls loved the baskets.



Mia enjoying some of the candy in the basket.



Mia carried the basket everywhere for the next few days. She even made me carry it to the park when we rode there on a bike.



Amelie was enjoying the easter bounty as well.



We went to the PetExpo at the fairgrounds, where they had a pony ride set up. Amelie is still doing her horse lessons, too, which are a lot of fun for her.



Mia is wearing Desmond's shirt. She's since stopped wearing his clothes, but she went through a phase where all she wanted to wear were baby clothes.



Desmond is doing fine, he's pretty boring right now, but very mellow, which is nice.



All I have to say is, dude needs a haircut.



Mia at almost 3-years old.



That's it for this month. We'll see you next month, until then, keep smiling!



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