Mia at 22 Months, Amelie at 4 years, 1 month old
April 7, 2008





Amelie's friend Ava had a 5th birthday party, so we all stopped by to have some fun.



Mia is ready to party.



First, let me say, worst lighting ever! I had the flash going to soften the shadows, but still, this is the best I could do. If you look close you can see the candy falling on Amelie. She was lucky enough to pull the magic ribbon.



Amelie, apparently, didn't understand the whole pinata thing. Heather, Ava's mom, is explaining it to her.



Mia was enjoying the balloons, running all over the place.



Can you have too many 'Mia with pink balloon' photos? I'm not too sure...



Amelie had only tasted ice cream a few days before the party, and she really liked it. So when she found out there was ice cream at the party, she wanted to stake out her territory early.



Easter came early this year, and we had a great time, opening baskets and doing an easter-egg hunt in the backyard.



Amelie had fun taking all the plastic strands of stuff in the basket and making a horrible mess tossing it around.



Amelie got a hat in her basket and liked wearing it backwards.



Ed came over when we were doing bubbles in the front yard, so I asked him to take some photos, which turned out amazing, as always.



Ed actually got a picture of a bubble, mid-pop, right above Mia's head.



And then there's this one, with Mia wearing bubble eye-glasses.



Then, of course, there's the downside to bubbles. Mia has bubble stuff all over her face.



Mia's getting pretty good at climbing, just like Amelie.






Mia and Amelie in the tree, climbing as always. Until next time, take care!



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