Fourth of July Wedding
July 4, 2004


Anna came down from LA to visit with Amelie and celebrate our wedding with us. We did a beach wedding, getting up at 4am to secure a fire pit (and it was still a race to the pits!). It turned out to be totally insane to try and do a beach wedding on the Fourth, but hey, free fireworks!



Jeff's cousins Laura and Joanna drove down from Sacramento for the occasion.



Jeff's Aunt Lucille and Uncle Dino flew in from Virginia. See the Virginia page for our visit back out to their house the week after the wedding.



Jeff's cousin Theresa and Aunt Tosh came to celebrate with us, and they were actually an enormous help with getting things ready.



Mike and Lisa Charleton were there. This is Lisa with Ellery on the left and Callahan on the right. 



Yvonne Keating and Amelie were down at the beach.



Here's another picture of Ellery.



Amelie visiting with Jeff's cousin Joanna.



Naomi's mom Mary.



Some of Naomi's family. Sarah's boyfriend Adam, then Sarah holding Kelso, Isaac, Aarron and Noah.



Dave and his family were there. This is Tyler. 


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