Teresa Anne Pham
Born on March 16, 2004, 00:59am
Weight: 6lbs, 12.5oz - Height: 19.5 inches


We visited Carmela in the hospital a day after the birth, and she was doing well and enjoy her new baby. This is the only picture I have from around the birth. The rest of the pictures are about a week later.

Carmela has lots more pictures at CarmelaSantos.com.



Tam Pham and Tia hanging out, but she's giving RobFan (who's taking the picture) quite a look.



Now she's giving Tam Pham the look. She's going to be fun to watch growing up.



She's a cutie, though.



Time to get back to sleep.



And off you go. You can email Tam Pham at [email protected] or Carmela at [email protected].



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